My name is Jenny Stemmerman and I am glad that we found each other!

I work with women who are totally into living their best life.  I give them the tools to get exactly what they want in every area of their lives.  I believe that this life is a journey and there are many gifts along the way.

Truth be told, I am a recovering workaholic who lost herself in years of trying to be it all and have it all.  I found my way out to live a balanced, fulfilling life full of purpose, love and faith.

As a corporate sales executive, I have been coaching hundreds of people to new levels of personal and professional success for over 11 years.  I believe in raising the bar while keeping a balance of the things that really matter in life.  We all have talents and strengths, so why not make the most of them to build a life that rocks?

And when I’m not working with amazing women and creating stuff to lift them up, I can be found with my crazy little family.  I am the mom to two creative, and wild little boys and wife to my best friend of 15 years.

Here are a few of the things that I believe truly rock:

  • Women leaders
  • Women strong in their faith
  • Women who lift up other women instead of bringing them down
  • Moms who pour greatness into their children
  • Wives that respect their husbands
  • Being a part of a community of woman that do all the above!

As a busy working mom with big career ambitions, I always struggled to find other women who get me.  Especially woman who share my faith and beliefs.  That is my driving force behind creating this company!

My passions include running, watching movies, baking, and winning board games against my family.  (Sorry, a little competitive.)

Let’s play a game and see how many things we have in common.

  • If something is made out of pumpkin…..I pretty much love it
  • I can’t watch scary movies.  I can’t even watch trailers to scary movies or I will have an anxiety attack with every shadow and noise at night.
  • I love long road trips.  I love long road trips with jerky and candy.
  • Solitude.  Quiet time to reflect, journal, read a good book.  Happy time.
  • Dancing is my favorite.  No, I am not talking about something amazing like ballroom, salsa, ballet, or jazz.  Nope.  I am talking about turn the music up and let your body lose control.  I should be embarrassed by this, but shamelessly, I don’t care.  If I am at an event and there is a dance floor, chances are that is where you will find me the whole time and I will be sore the next day.

How can we start a relationship?

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Ready to start on a journey toward a more balanced life?

 Let me first say, we define balance by setting goals and going for them in all areas of life.  

The biggest tool in creating a more balanced life is a solid Sunday prep day.  

I call it Weekly Success Planning and it is my gift to you.


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