Episode 110: {Career} How to Negotiate with Confidence

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This time of year is busy, and I'm not just talking about Christmas.  It's the end of the year, and for us working moms, that means completing projects at work before the end of the year, prepping for year-end reviews, budgets, and planning for the year ahead.  In this episode, I'm joined by career strategist Evangelia Leclaire who shares strategies to help you gain confidence and be ready to negotiate for a raise, more time off or a flexible schedule. 

About our guest

Evangelia is the Founder of Career Ready Set Rock and helps powerful, purpose-driven women make more moves, money and meaning in their lives and careers.

Evangelia has gone from campus to a career at a Fortune 100 company, to a start-up called Dream Careers that she helped grow-globally. For over 15 years, Evangelia helped inspire, challenge and equip over 10,000 young professionals to discover and pursue their career dreams. In addition to building her business, she is a lead coach at The Muse, and Happen to Your Career, and is a wife and a mother of two kids three and under

Although Evangelia is a career strategist who swears by strengths assessments and action plans, she believes that the greatest life blessings and lessons come from being present, surrendering and having faith.

Tips shared and action items on the show

1. Take inventory of the equity you have built with the company, department, your boss, and your team.

  • Come with data

  • Focus on what's important

  • Going forward, create a folder or board on Trello to save all your kudos and evidence of performance. It makes this process a lot easier.

2. Get clear on what's important/expected to the business.

  • Think about who you are talking to

  • What's important to them?

  • What do you think will be important to the business in the next year?

3.  Go in with the mindset of agreement.  Look for a win win.

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