Episode 10: Walk by Faith with Sierra Tekirdaglis


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In This Episode We Talk About Walking By Faith.

About our guest

I chatted with my good friend Sierra Tekirdaglis, corporate sales executive and mom to three teenage boys, about her decision to follow God's call on her life and go on a mission trip.  Often times when God calls us, it doesn't make any sense to us.  But once we step out in faith, peace washes over.  Listen to this episode as Sierra walks us through her journey with surrendering in obedience.  

Tips and action items shared on the show

Challenge for you:  Spend some quiet time with God and ask him if there is anything that he has for you that you have been avoiding?  Take action to the calling that he puts on your heart.  Just walk by faith.

Learn more about our guest

Want to support Sierra on her upcoming mission trip to Uganda?  You can visit her Go Fund Me page by clicking here

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Sierra's Shared Wisdom:

Favorite Books (affiliate links)


100/0 Principle: The Secret of Great Relationships By Al Ritter

The Right to Lead: Learning Leadership Through Character and Courage By John Maxwell

Tip for Balanced living:

Everything goes on the calendar.....Every Little Thing.

Parenting Tip:

Consequences.  Hold to them. 

Do you feel out of balance in your life?  Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed or just stuck?

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