Episode 14: Take Back Balance Challenge Series; Personal Accountability

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Take Back Balance Challenge

Episode 1: Personal Accountability


We are starting an 8 week challenge!  It doesn't matter when you come into the challenge because every week will contain action items and steps that will allow you to bring more balance into your life.  To kick off the challenge, here is your first action item:

Think about all the areas of your life (faith, family, marriage, career, health, finances, home, and friends/fun) and list the areas that you are out of balance.

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The first week of the challenge is all about personal accountability.  Here is the action item:

  1. List out all 8 areas of your life.
  2. Ask yourself this question:  "Why I'm I not at my goal in this area?"
  3. List every reason why.
  4. Pick the area that is the highest priority for you right now.
  5. Highlight all the areas that puts the accountability on someone or something else.
  6. Make an action plan to take back your power over that one thing this week!

There is so much more to this!  Be sure to listen to the podcast in full and sign up for the challenge to get full benefit.  

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