Episode 12: Managing Working Relationships and Healthy Friendships with the Write Your Own Story Team

In This Episode, We Talk About 

Managing Working Relationships and Healthy Friendships with the 

Write Your Own Story Team


Autumn and Rachelle have been friends for almost three years.  They met through a church home group and became fast friends. Through their friendship they discovered their passion for leading and inspiring women. This is how Write Your Own Story was born! 

Write Your Own Story podcast serves to create a community of women that breaks barriers to embrace our differences and empowers them to find their individual strengths for a more happy fulfilled life.  The ladies stopped by to chat about what it takes to build strong relationships with the women you work with and with your friends.


  • Faith Foundation
    • Approaching everything with a faith-centered approach
    • Already have that on the table and make it the expectation
    • Matt 18 Principle
    • Vow to have tough conversations for the sake of the relationship. 
    • Keeps it healthy
    • Actually gives you a closer relationship than before


  • Honesty is Not Just Preferred; it’s Necessary!
    • Passive Aggressiveness or Silent Treatment is never an option during disagreements
    • Tell each other when you need time off or space
    • Be open about what’s going on in your life
    • Breeds Understanding & Grace
    • Allows the ability to pick one another up if needed. 
    • Respectful Honesty
    • Don’t just say “well, I’m just being honest” as an excuse to get your point across at the expense of someone else’s feelings. 
    • There is always a tactful, respectful way to approach a problem or disagreement. 


  • Play on Strengths
    • We each have defined roles based on what we are good at
    • Understand and recognize where our strengths do not lie


  • Accountability
    • Making sure things fit into the overall mission
    • Whether that’s for a project, company directions, etc. 
    • Not letting each other work out of defined roles or that will compromise family time, etc.
    • What do you need from me? 


  • Boundaries
    • Defining the line of friendship & work
    • Respecting each other’s family or “off” time
    • Not letting it be about work all the time
    • Communicate when “friend” conversation is needed
    • Not letting work spill over into our community so that anyone feels left out.
    • “Shop” Talk when you aren’t involved is super awkward.


Golden Nuggets of Wisdom:

Best Career Book:  

Failing Forward by John C. Maxwell

Favorite Non-career book:

Anything by Jennifer Weiner

Best tool or resource for balanced living:

Prayer Journal

Parenting tip:

Treasure your time with your kids and give yourself grace.

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