Episode 17: Take Back Balance Series; Setting Boundaries

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In this Episode, We continue in Our Series: Take Back Balance Challenge

Setting Boundaries


This podcast series really brings to life our 7 Day Take Back Balance Challenge.  Every day of the challenge has a new theme and action items to go along with it.  During this podcast series, we take one of those themes and explore it a bit more.



Let me share a story with you.

Hi, my name is Jenny and I am a recovering work-a-holic.  When I went through the process of balancing my life, God guided me to things that let me see how I wanted my life to feel.  Now because I am super goal driven, type A personality I got into action right away and started to set up goals to get me there (that is how the workbook you got yesterday was born).  My goals were set, and I went to work going after them.  But then things started happening.  Temptation came up.  Bigger opportunities started to pop up at work.  Things that I wanted for awhile.  Opportunities that looked really good and to the outsider that didn't know the journey of life balance I was on, it was a no brainer-you take the opportunity!  I struggled for about a month going back and forth on if I should take it or not.  One of the things I was clear on when I was looking at my goals, was less travel for work and more time at home.  The opportunity would mean more travel for the first 8-10 months.  Finally, after a lot of praying and talking to trusted sources I had my answer.  I needed to be true to my goals, and set boundaries in place.  I turned down the offer.  I put up a gate over that path.  While it looked nice, it wasn't leading to the life I wanted to live.  When I did that, I had instant peace over the whole situation.


Think about it this way.  When you set goals for yourself, you are at the starting point of your path and your goal is at the end.  Things come up in life that will take you off the path toward your goal.  If you really want to get to where you want to go, you need to put a gate up over those forks in the road.  Take away the temptation to go down them.  What gates do you need to put up in your life?