Episode 31: Take Back Your Email Box: Systems From A Professional Organizer

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In This Episode, We Talk About How To

Take Back Your Email Box: Systems From A Professional Organizer


Allison Venuto, Professional Organizer from Ducks In A Row Personal Organizing, shares some of her best tips for managing your email in box.  Allison is a Texan native and educator of 11 years.  She has a strong passion for organizing and enjoys empowering others to enjoy their life-giving pursuits.  She is all about helping you create systems that will ensure you create time for yourself and accomplish things you never thought possible.

Tips To Take Back Your Email Box:

  1.  One topic per email
  2. Delete emails leaving only action items
  3. Use Purposeful subject lines

Recommended Book:  The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Tips from the book:

  1. Reminder pop up in calendar
  2. Physical reminders (like putting your gym bag by your purse)
  3. Get an accountability partner


Additional Wisdom

Favorite Resource For Balanced Living:  

E-Calendar with reminders

Parenting Tip from the eyes of an educator:  

Verbalize how, what, and why you are doing things.  Let them see the process of decision making.


Get More From Allison:

Web Site:  http://ducksinarowpersonalorganizing.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ducksinarowpersonalorganizing/

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