Episode 35: Life Systems Series: Maximizing Career Productivity

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In This Episode, We Look At Habits and Systems To Maximize Productivity At Work

This is episode three of a 3 part series on life systems.  We talk about creating your SOP's (Standard Operating Practices) for your work/career.  As you begin to create or adjust your own systems, the big thing to remember is this:

  1. Be clear on your vision and goals for your career and work life
  2. Develop SOP's that will help get you to where you want to go
  3. Try systems until you find one that will work for you.

Example of How I Set Up My Work Day:

  • Print out calendar for the day.
    • Highlight important things
    • Look for and identify white space
  • Ask "What do I owe to others?"
  • Ask "What will make me feel successful?"
  • Make a brain dump list on the back of my printed calendar.
    • Everything thing that is floating around in the mind....write down on paper
    • Identify what can be done quickly and if possible just do them.  IF there are too many of those things, look at the white space on the calendar and plan a power hour.  Highlight it on the calendar and use the same color to highlight the tasks.
    • Identify what can be delegated and send an email to delegate them.
    • Identify what needs to go on the Trello board.
  • Open up the Trello Boards
    • Add new task from brain dump list
    • Assign tasks to the white spots in the calendar

When planning your day, it's important to remember:  The task will expand to the time you allow for it.

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