Episode 20: Take Back Balance Challenge; Being Proactive

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In This Episode We Continue in Our Take Back Balance Challenge Series

We focus on Being Proactive


This is our final episode in our Take Back Balance series!  This episode is all about being proactive.  Listen as I cover 6 steps to setting yourself up for a productive week.  This series is based around our 7 day Take Back Balance Challenge.  Every day of the challenge is centered around a theme and in this podcast series we dive deeper into each of the themes.  Want more balance in your life?  Sign up for our free challenge!  Click the image below to get started.  Your first daily challenge will arrive right away in your in box!


Here are the Action Items From this Episode:

  1.  Create white space at the beginning of your week to prepare for the week ahead.
  2.  Get really clear on goals for all areas of your life:  Faith, marriage, family, health, career, financial, home, and friends/fun.
  3.  Figure out your starting point-take a reality check!  Where are you in comparison to your goals.
  4.  Identify the obstacles that will keep you from reaching your goals.
  5.  Make a list of everything that needs to be done to move your closer to your goals.
  6.  Schedule out those tasks.


Links from this Episode: