Episode 60: Set For Success; Understanding Your Husband


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In this episode, we hear from our Marriage Lifestyle Expert, Kimberly Walton.  I am so excited to have Kimberly join the Your Life Rocks team.  Haven't met Kimberly yet?  Let me tell you about her.

About our guest

Kimberly Walton, is a marriage mentor, blogger, and speaker who helps Christian women create wildly successful marriages through retreats, workshops and one-on-one sessions. As founder of Cherished Woman International, Kimberly teaches women to strengthen their marriage through what she calls the IN LOVE Approach: Invest, Nurture, Learn, Offer, Value, and Embrace. She believes that marital success comes from creating an environment where couples can be emotionally vulnerable and honest, while also being mindful of self-care and the uniqueness that each brings to the relationship. Her approach is solution focused and embraces humor, tenderness, transparency, and Christian values. Her training spans a wide range of formal and personal education, professional and personal experience, and cultural studies, while she teaches very practical how to’s. Kimberly lives the life of a cherished woman, married to the love of her life and living in beautiful California. 

Tips shared on the show

Listen in as she shares about getting to know your spouse and our differences in how we approach life, communicate and respond to things that can create strife and tension in marriages. Once we understand the perspectives as just differences we can work with the realms of the differences to create greater intimacy and harmony. 

Action items from the show

As you are looking at these differences, here are three things to consider.  

Global Verses Linear Approach To Life-  Knowing whether or not your partner needs to know the big picture or if they are linear, they need to know steps one at a time.  Once you have figured out who you and your husband is, it will help provide clarity to your communication.  When you can respect and respond accordingly, not only will things go more smooth but you will both feel so much better about it.

Response Modes- Do you and your spouse respond with your mental, physical or emotions?  Do you think, act, or feel first?  It's helpful to know this about your spouse.  One you know what to expect, but also you can help them move through the different responses so they don't get stuck.

Modes of Perception-Is your spouse more sensitive to sight, sound, or kinesthetic?  Why is this even important?  Think about how you can better respect, communicate and even show love.  

Knowing your spouse in all these areas will help us honor our husband's daily but also with difficult conversations, or in times of stress.

Learn more about our guest

Kimberly: http://www.cherishedwoman.com/