Episode 107: Making Gratitude and Inside Job with 3 Steps

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Thanksgiving time is full of gratitude challenges everywhere you turn.  I love the spirit of them, but I can never remember to keep them up.  I try to live every day with gratitude, but I want it to be part of who I am, not just something I do in November.  Thanksgiving does give us an opportunity to up our gratitude game.  Here are three simple and easy things to help you not only turn your heart to gratitude but focus the gratitude to God.

1.  Think about 5 things about your personality that you are grateful for.  Things that make you, you.

2.  Think about 5 things about your body that you are grateful for.  

3.  Think about the relationships you have.  Who are 5 people you are grateful for?  Extra points if you can focus in on people who have helped you grow and learn in the last year.

I am so gratiful for all of you!  This marks two years of the Your Life Rocks podcast.  Thank you for being a listener and thank you to our Life Balance Members for supporting the show!

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