Episode 116: 3 Steps For Creating Balance In Your Life

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Some may say that balance is not possible, but I say that is a lie.  Balance is possible but you have to be intentional about it.  In this episode, we talk about the 3 principles to create balance in your life.  We call them secrets, but really, it's just simple.

1.  Jesus.  

I told you it was simple.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  The number one way to create balance in your life to grow in your relationship with God.  Giving every part of your life to him and following his will for your life leaves no room for things to be out of whack.  

2. Make your world bigger

When we are too close to our problems, they seem bigger than they actually are and make it difficult to see anything else.  We have to shift our focus.  Make your world bigger by choosing to focus on others.  Pray for others, give to others, serve others.

3. Find the right systems that will work for you.  I am talking time management, goal tracking system.  At Your Life Rocks, we define balance by setting and working toward goals in all areas of life.  First, you have to set goals that are in alignment with each other and then find a system that works to help you get to each one without sacrificing one for another.  This is where our Life Balance systems come into play. 

Just starting with our free course, Weekly Success Planning, will help you set the right goals and begin the process of going after them proactively.  If you are truly seeking a sustainable system that is built on the right habits, then Life Balance Membership (Free for the first 7 days then $9.99 a month) or the Life Balance Planner ($39) are the right options for you.