Episode 79: {Parenting} Finding What Works For Your Family with Kori Reed of Zag Zig Parenting

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Sometimes as a working mom, we can feel like the odd woman out.  Even more so if there are things that make your family situation even more special.  Maybe you travel a lot for work, maybe you are the main breadwinner, maybe your husband stays at home, or maybe he works in another state and only comes home every few weeks.  We are all different, and that difference can be lonely.....until you realize that you are not the only one, perfect doesn't exist, and happiness and success have no bearing on your situation. 

In this episode, I chat with Kori Reed, co-author of Zag Zig Parenting, about life as a career mom married to a stay at home dad.  It was so fun sharing stories and hearing her advice for other working moms.  

I highly encourage you to have a listen to the episode then go grab her book.  I know it will make you laugh, and it will encourage you to live the life that works best for your family...whatever that is.

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