Episode 69: Style Tips To Increase Confidence with Allison "FAB" Howell

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Spring is here!  With a change of seasons, it's a great time to clean up our closet.  Why?  Because who isn't ready for something other than winter sweaters?  I don't know about you, but spring is a perfect reminder of fresh beginnings....things anew.

In this episode, our guest expert shares 5 great tips to help you spring clean your closet and add a touch of fabulous confidence to your life.

Allison “FAB” Howell is a social worker by day, Life Stylist by night teaching women to feel FABulous; in Life & Style. She is also a co-author of the Amazon bestseller: Live in Gratitude Daily. Allison combines her experience in fashion with a background in psychology. Her passion is teaching women how to discover their true style, and incorporate it into all aspects of their day, so they can embrace a life that feels fun, fresh, and full of FABulous love.

1) Evaluate your relationship (with your clothes).

2) Pick your 3 FAV outfits in-case-of-emergency.

3) Matching Hangers

4) Add more of your fav color

5) K I S S (Keep it Simple Sweetie

“The secret to fabulous style is loving what you put on your body.”
— Allison "FAB" Howell

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