Episode 70: Uplevel Your Sunday Prep Day

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In this episode we are diving deep into the 8 steps of Weekly Success Planning; our free course desigened to help you up-level you Sunday prep day.  Enroll for your copy of the course and all the extras by going to


In the podcast, I outlined 8 steps to this process along with the quick and dirty method for those that don't have the time to go through the full process.  I highly recommend that you get the free course if you havn't already.  There are training videos, worksheets (digital or printable), and I will send you lots tips to help you get the most from it.  

Here are the 8 steps for you:

1.  Identify how you want to feel and take it down to just three words. (There is an exercise for you in the free course. Click the button below if you don't already have it.)

2.  Translate that to all areas of life.  Ask yourself, "What would (insert a word from step one) look like in my marriage?" Ask that question for all 8 areas of life.

3.  Take an inventory of your present state in each area of life.  What is it like right now?

4.  Do a gap analysis of where you are now to where you want to go.

5.  Action items to close the gap.....this could be a big list and that is ok.

6.  Looking at where you want to go, it's time to identify what obstacles might get in your way.  Once you have those outlined, think about the solutions to those obstacles.

7.  Make your list.  

8.  Getting it done!  On the podcast, I give you some tips to help you get it the things on your list done.  Here is the overview:

  • Delegate
  • Start things first that take awhile
  • Use timers
  • Lump tasks together.

Ok, want the speedy version?  I hope you do sign up for the free toolkit too.  I'll be sending you lots of ideas to help you make the most of your Sunday prep.  Here is the speed round:

1. Figure out what your goals are for the week.

2. Think about what obstacles might get in your way of those goals.

3. Think of what you can do proactively to avoid that.

4. Do it.