Episode 74: Mindset of Balance for Ambitious Christian Women

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Ladies, the Bible calls us to be set apart.  A lot of times we think about the actions that set us apart as Christians from the rest of the world....but what about your mindset?  The Bible also talks many many times about the renewing of our minds.  So why do we allow our minds to be in alignment with the world?  I get it.  It is tough being a woman trying to find work-life balance.  You have a ton on your plate and it is hard.  That is where the world will tell you balance is not possible.  That you can't have it all.  That you should just brace yourself for the stress and chaos because there is nothing you can do about it.  It might be entertaining to relate to memes on the internet or videos about ranting moms slipping in curse words....but is that who you are?  Or are you the daughter of the king?  Are you capable of all things because of who strengthens you? 

In this episode, I share my heart on the subject of mindset, balance, and how as Christian working moms we can balance it all and walk it out in faith.  Plus I share a bit about my story and how I overcame the dark places of unbalance in my life.

As Christian women, we are not of this world.  As ambitious women, we are called to create change and make a difference in this world.  

Your Life Rocks is for these women. This is a movement of Christian working moms who believe that we are set apart from the rest.  God has called us to greatness.  We don’t buy into the myth that we can’t have it all.  We can handle what is before us because of who walks next to us.  Everything is possible with Jesus….including balance.  We lift up and applaud women who desire to raise their kids in Godly ways, treat their bodies like temples of the Holy Spirit, grow in deeper relationship with their savior Jesus Christ, honor their husbands and give to those in need.  We encourage those that go for their dreams, push past fear, release perfection, and love deeply.  We will change the world because we are the light.