Episode 77: Finding Time For Faith In A Busy Schedule

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I think we all have the intention to spend time in the word every day, but it can be tough to find the time between work, kids, and everything else we are balancing.  Sometimes we can't find time to be in the word, because of the expectations that we put around that time.  We think it has to be long, quiet, and with no other distraction.  While that is lovely, and super awesome when it happens, it doesn't have to be that way.  It's not an all or nothing thing.

Listen in to our guest this episode as she shares tips to grow your faith when you are short on time.  Maggie Baker is Editor and Chef over at Everleigh Company and is here to share her latest book, Zealous with us.

A busy boy mom of 2, Maggie calls for Christian wives + mamas to become Indwelt Women who dwell richly in the Word of God in the midst of life's chaos. With her bite-sized Study Guides, women can leverage little pockets of time to dwell in the Word one verse at a time. She also shares encouragement and practical resources on her blog. 

Being an Indwelt Women is not
being one more thing we’re not.
It’s a movement of prioritizing
what we are.
Being an Indwelt Women is not
being one more thing we’re not.
It’s a movement of prioritizing
what we are
— -Maggie Baker

Here are a few tips from Maggie:

  1. Follow the Spirit’s lead and go at your own pace. What makes this Study Guide different is it encourages you to connect with God instead of reading what I’ve learned from the Scripture. Let the Spirit guide you and teach you what He wants you to learn.
  2. Always start and end with a prayer. Pray through the verse, pray for understanding and application. Pray for God to open your eyes to see what He’s trying to tell you.
  3. Be patient. Aim to go an inch wide and a mile deep. God gave you a big book to chew on; don’t rush through the verses. Take your time and unpack what He wants you to know today.
  4. Don’t read it alone! Go through it with a friend or join our online community on Facebook. Let it be a time for iron to sharpen iron. Let’s learn from each other and keep each other accountable. We are stronger together.

Connect with Maggie:

Website: http://www.everleighcompany.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/everleighcompany/

Instagram: @everleighcompany

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