Episode 87: {Testimony} Lessons In Trusting The Lord

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Would you trust God if he flipped your life upside down?  If everything you said you would never do became the path he wanted to take you down, would you trust him to walk it out?  This is the third episode in our testimony series.  We are taking a break from our typical tips and tricks to help you create more balance in your life, and listening to other working Christian moms just like you.  Listen in as they share their testimony of what God has done in a season of their lives.  

This episode features Autumn Beam as she shares her story of how God challenged her to trust him through a series of life changes over the last year.  I know her testimony will inspire you to trust even when it seems the hardest.

Autumn mentioned the new adventure they are on with her daughters acting career.  You can follow their journey on Instagram here.

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