Episode 90: {Parenting} Secrets To A Stress Free School Morning

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Back to school time is here!  That means stressful mornings are too.  It can be hard to get yourself ready for work, and the kids ready and out the door as well.  Truth is, there is a lot of anxiety and stress with transitioning to a new school year...especially if your kiddos are transitioning to a new school like Middle School/Junior High or High School.

That's why we have a special guest for you!  Joy Acaso is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker by trade, currently running her private practice as a Parenting Strategist.  She has made it a mission to help parents navigate through difficult life transitions during the tween and teen years.  In this episode, we talk about anxiety, helping our kids find their identity, and most importantly, Joy shares 3 tips to keep the school mornings successful, smooth, and stress-free.

1.  Focus on priorities vs your plan.

We can all plan out how we want our mornings to go, but sometimes things just happen and our plans fall apart.  But if we are clear about what matters most, what we want the most, we can make sure that we achieve those things no matter what.

2. Leave the hard conversations to later.

We can be guilty of adding more and more and more to what we say to our kids and sometimes it can be too much.  Plus, the morning is not the time to have those deeper more meaningful lessons.  Save those conversations for a later time when you aren't under a time crunch and can acutally talk to your kids in a way they can hear you.

Don’t speak to your kids in paragraphs.
— Joy Acaso, Parenting Strategist

3.  Be willing to have a great day.

Forgive your kids and don't let things that happen take over.  Move on and agree to have a good day so your kids can do the same.  This is where we have to remember that we can be an example to our kids of the love from our heavenly Father.  He is quick to forgive us, we can do the same for our kids.

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