Episode 95: {Time Management} Creating Your Morning Routine

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Welcome to episode 95 where we dive into all things morning routines.  Morning routines are key for working moms.  If you have one, then you know how precious that time is, but maybe you are ready to take it up a notch.  If you don't have one but find yourself stressed, unorganized, and wishing for more time in the day...I think it's time you get started.  

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First things first, let's think about why you want to have a morning routine anyway.  What are you hoping to gain from it?  How will your life be better?

There will be many mornings when it will be hard to get out of bed and if you don't have a good reason for getting up.....you won't.

Ok, once you figured out why you want to do this, you have to figure out what you are planning to do with that extra time.  Just getting up early won't actually do anything but make you tired.  The magic happens with the execution of your intentions.

I'm all about making things easy for you, and that's why I designed a worksheet to help you plan all the things you want to accomplish, but also help you figure out where to put them in your morning.  This one sheet will help you plan out your ideal morning today so you can get started tomorrow.  Click here to get it.