Episode 99: {Health} Combating Stress with Nutrition with Rebekah Fedrowitz

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Good health is something that we are all after.  There is a lot of information out there on what that means and how to achieve it.  But what if the stress in your life is undercutting your efforts?  In this episode, we chat with holistic nutritionist Rebekah Fedrowitz, about what stress does in our bodies and how we can use food to combat things like PMS, food sensitivities, digestive issues, sleep, and weight loss.  Get your learning caps on, because she really delivers for us!  She herself is a working Christian mom and totally gets our struggle.

About our guest:

Rebekah Fedrowitz is a board-certified holistic nutritionist, the founder of You Are Well, and mom to an energetic toddler.  She is passionate about helping women find hope and direction as they navigate the overwhelming world of health for themselves and their families.  Through her virtual wellness company, You Are Well, Rebekah teaches principles that can be applied to the way we eat, think, and live to positively impact both short-term and long-term health.  She does this through practical education that can easily be applied to a multitude of lifestyles.

Rebekah started her career in the health and wellness industry in 2005.  She has had the opportunity to impact the health of individuals all over the country through private consulting, group programs, and health-based cooking classes. 

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Website: http://youarewellhealth.com

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Free Ultimate Grocery Guide for Healing & Health: https://youarewell.co/ultimate-grocery-guide/

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