Episode 163: Holiday Sanity - Forging A Path with Your In-Laws with Kimberly Walton

your life rocks 163


Holidays mean getting together with family and sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes... well not so much. Listen in and learn from marriage and relationship expert Kimberly Walton from Cherished Wives as she shares 7 ways you can forge a healthy relationship with your in-laws. This is great information even if you already have a great relationship with them or if you are struggling. Kimberly has provided some BONUS CONTENT: 7 Warnings Regarding Difficult In-Laws for our Life Balance Members.

About Our Guest

Kimberly Walton is a marriage mentor, speaker, writer, and women's retreat leader who specializes in working with Christian women to create and nurture wildly successful marriages. 

She is the founder of Cherished Wives International, a coaching practice dedicated to strengthening marriages and increasing intimacy and connection through her unique INLOVE approach. The INLOVE program addresses the 6 principles that are part of successful marriage by focusing on the whole person and taking a wholehearted approach. 

Kimberly comes from a place of personal experience and draws on her formal and informal education to mentor on the “how-to’s” for developing greater intimacy, increasing passion, embracing vulnerability, and strengthening relationships. 

Kimberly believes in a solution focused approach to strong marriages and blends in humor, tenderness, scripture and even a touch of call-you-on-your-stuff when working with her clients whether it be in a one to one setting or a large group. 

Kimberly is married to the love of her life and lives in California.

Action Items and Tips from the show

7 Ways to Forge New Ground With Your In-Laws

1) Understand: In-laws are not being difficult, they’re just being themselves and understanding the differences we all have. In-laws are not just the parents of your spouse, this includes their siblings, aunts, and uncles etc. Understand their position and history with your spouse and with you being the newbie.

2) Be Compassionate: You need to empathize that how they see your spouse is different from how you see your spouse. You need to remember what its like to be in their shoes.

3) Communicate: Having assumptions can create a myriad of misunderstandings with your in-laws (or other people for that matter). It also shows a lack of being considerate to the thoughts and feelings towards others. Taking the step to reach out and communicate with your in-laws will not only make them appreciate your gesture, but could also start building a good relationship with them.

4) Anticipate: Be observant with what is going on. Anticipate challenges that you have experienced in previous holidays. Was there a relative who drank too much last Thanksgiving? Then, there’s a big chance it could happen again. Having an exit strategy for challenges like these can help you prevent or minimize those holiday mishaps.

5) Always Defend: At all times, your loyalty has to be with your spouse. Games will be played and words thrown around or some sort of sparring going on, your obligation is to defend your spouse from the in-laws. The person you should be loyal to is your mate at all times.

6) Take Nothing Personal: This is the approach where you should learn to be un-offendable and just allow other people to be who they are. Don’t allow people to get you riled up, sucking you in to the drama. Step back to stop them from continuing to bully you, because once they see that it affects you, they will keep going ‘till you reach your limit, thus the drama. Listen in, and learn how you can identify toxic in-laws.

7) Have Boundaries: Have boundaries and guidelines on how to navigate certain situations. Remember that you have authority over your immediate family then staying firm to the boundaries you have set. Be careful though of too much boundaries which could have an opposite effect. Ask yourself, are your boundaries clear? Are they effective? Have you become the difficult in-law?

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Learn More about Our Guest

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Episode 162: Your Working Mom Questions Answered

your life rocks 162


One thing that I love about hosting the Your Life Rocks podcast is connecting with other working Christian moms all over the world.  Community is important for so many things and one of those reasons is to have support in the business of life. People that you can ask questions to when you need answers.  People who get you and the life you are walking through.

That is exactly what this episode is all about.  The questions you have been asking me, answered. Typically on this show, we focus on one of the eight areas of life helping you grow in that area.  If you are new to the show, those are your faith, marriage, parenting, career, health, home, finances, and friends/fun. This episode, we are talking about them all!

Listen to the show if you want to learn more about how to prep for the week when your weekends are just as busy as your weekdays, how to maintain friendships when you can’t find time to get together, building boundaries, dealing with mom guilt, work productivity, weight loss, and more!

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Episode 161: 5 Ways to Bring Your Faith Into Your Day

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OK, Let’s dive into our topic bringing Christ into your everyday.  I’m going to take you through ideas, options, and discuss several different approaches so you can choose what is best for your life.  We are going to put this into 5 main buckets that you can pull from and implement into your day. Being in God’s word, prayer, listening to God, Worship, and relationships.  Before we get into it, I feel like I need to give this disclosure. This is not about making you feel obligated or guilty into doing these things. I hope that they inspire you.  Remember, faith is not about following a checklist. It’s about relationship. It’s about seeking more. So give yourself grace, take this at your own pace and follow the holy spirit as he would guide you.

Being in God’s word

Let’s start with your morning routine.  What you spend the first part of your day, sets the tone for the rest of your day.  Anthology, if you work out in the morning and eat a healthy breakfast, you are more likely to keep healthy habits for the rest of the day.

Study the word

  1. Dive in and do your own thing

  2. RWSSP

  3. Get a devotional/bible study

Reminders throughout the day

Continue as you get ready, there are so many opportunities to place reminders of verses.  If you are doing the Life Balance program, we focus in on weekly verses. Plaster the weekly verse everywhere.  I write mine on my bathroom mirror, write it on post-it notes, there is a spot inside the Life Balance planner to write it every day.  Make it your screensaver on your phone, computer.


Gratitude challenges

With it being November, a lot of people are talking about gratitude challenges and such.  I could never keep up for a full 30 days of social media posting or whatnot. But daily challenges, that is something else.  You can do these daily challenges for gratitude, for seeing through the eyes of Jesus, or anything else that you feel lead to.  It’s a hyper focus on God for one day. Here is what it would like like. I’m going to use the gratitude option because I recently did this one when I felt whiny.  When I say I felt whiny, I mean it. I found myself in a constant loop of negativity. Now, I like to think that I am a pretty positive person, but when struggle comes in, it can be hard for us to focus on the positive.  It’s easy to focus on the struggle. The unanswered prayer, the battle that we are still facing even though we have given it to God so many times. I needed to break the cycle so I decided to spend the day counting my blessings.  I might not have an answered prayer, but I do have a lot. So think about them! Not just to be grateful but to give thanks to God for what you do have in your life. Starting your day, thankful for time in the morning before everyone gets up, grateful that you have a bible and are free to express your religion and read it.  Grateful that you have children to wake up, that you have coffee in your cup, that you have hot water to take a shower with. That you have make-up, clothes, and hair care products that help you feel your best. That you have a car, thankful for the wisdom and inspiration that God gave them men and women that created the car.  Thankful for the people that built the roads that you drive to work on. Thankful for the technology that allows you to work from home. Thankful for the favor of God that got you the job that you have. You can go on and on. It changes your focus super quick.

Obviously, you can’t do that everyday, but doing it every once in a while is effective.

A reason that this challenge or challenges like it are important, is because it keeps Jesus on our mind all day.  Remember, your faith is a relationship. Think back to when you first started dating your husband. He was probably on your mind all day.  You kept thinking about him, daydreaming about your future, replaying a date or a conversation in your mind…..how often do you do that now?  If you are like me, I am preoccupied with daily life. The newness has worn off. I still love him, but it’s not totally consuming my mind. Same thing with God.  There are times when I am gushy about my relationship with God and then there are the majority of the time when I am working on my relationship with him. I am working to understand him better, communicate better with him (and for me, that means listening more), and show my love and respect for him in my life.  Relationships take effort and just because it takes effort doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it.

So put up reminders for yourself.  Set an alarm in the middle of your day as a reminder to check in and pray.  Reserve 5-10 minutes before important meetings at work, to lift them up to God.  Pray over your kids, pray with your husband, and pray when you eat. The more you talk to God you are creating a habit to keep the conversation going and talk to him throughout your day about everything.  

Quiet time to listen

Find just 10 minutes in your day where you can be still.  We talked about this during our 7 week challenge this past summer.  Remember, it’s a relationship and it’s not just about us talking or doing.  It’s letting him communicate and minister to us. I was getting a massage yesterday and my masuse said she started coming to work 10 minutes earlier and sitting in her car to just be and listen.  

Worship him

Everything can be worship if we put it in the right framework.

Dedicate your work as worship.

Dedicate your workout as worship.

Dedicate your housework as worship.

Turn praise music on and worship throughout the week.  Music gets my heart into a posture of worship so fast. But it’s not just for Sunday morning.  Play it in the car, at home, at work….it’s a great reminder.

Bring him into your relationships

Share your faith, even with the faithful.  Be open to talk about what God is doing in your life, what you are praying for, believing for.  The more you can bring him into your conversations, the more you will hold your focus there.

Bible study/church

Talk about him with your friends

Talk about him with your kids and husband

And you never know who will hear you speak and be encouraged and even turn their life to God.

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Episode 160: Closing the Loops and Make Progress in Your Life

your life rocks episode 160


Ladies, I feel like we have been moving through so much learning the last few weeks that we need to bring some things together and actually move forward in applying an having the things we learned sink in and take roots.  So, that is what we are going to be talking about in this episode. How to close those loops. You know we are always learning new ideas, getting new inspiration...but when we don’t do anything with it or complete what we started, it leaves us feeling frustrated, behind and that is where the guilt starts to kick in.  I don’t want that for me and I don’t want that for you.

If you are new to the show, welcome.  I am so glad you are here. We just finished a series on stress, then went into a series about creating the homes that we long for (like cleaning, organizing, home keeping type stuff) and last week we were talking about career stuff.  It’s like our lives as working moms...all the things. And if you are in all the things without some organization and moments to just breath….well friends, that is where all the negativity breeds. For those of you that are new, we are all about taking away that negative, focusing on the good and the blessings and helping you create more balance in your life.

We have a lot of new listeners, lately, the download numbers are going up and up so thank you to everyone that has shared on social media, shared with your co-workers, left a review, or downloaded the app.

By the way, before we get into our topic today, I should let you know that this episode is sponsored by the Your Life Rocks mobile app.  You can download it for free in iTunes or Google Play. Inside you will have access to our free Weekly Success Planning course, your weekly prep planning tool, all the podcasts and more!  In a few weeks, we will also be adding in the free Holiday Sanity Course, and I know you won’t want to miss out on that one.

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Did you know you can actually go out of your podcast app and go to the app store and download it while I am talking to you?  You don’t even have to leave the show….that’s one thing that you don’t even have to add to your to-do list. Unless you really like crossing things off your to-do list, then add it and cross it off to get the satisfaction.  I do that sometimes when I am working on bigger projects and don’t get to mark things complete as often as my OCD brain needs to.

Ok, back to our topic.  Ladies this has been on my mind simmering for weeks.  A few weeks back we had Jenny Walsh on the show. And we were talking about the habits that create the mess in our houses.  The habits that create overwhelm. It was a huge light bulb moment for me, I’ll be honest. She talked about finishing a loop.  One of the examples she gave was a cup of coffee. If you want to have a cup of coffee, you get out the cup, make the coffee, put away your supplies, drink the coffee, wash the cup and put it away.  The loop is complete and ready to redo it the next day. Nothing is left undone.

First off, easier said than done.  But we can write what the loops look like for us.  For me, the loop is complete when the cup is in the dishwasher.

But this is what I have been thinking about so much…..what other loops are left undone in my life?  What other things do I start and leave open that are causing stress, anxiety, clutter in my mind and in my life?  I know that this is a big and vague topic, but I felt compelled to share and think that it will benefit someone. I just know it will.

Alright, so we talk about the 8 areas of life right?  This is where you will want to grab your notebook because I am going to walk you through an exercise to see what open loops you have.

Here are the actions to take:

I want you to write down all 8 areas of life.  Faith, marriage, parenting, career, health, financial, home, friends/fun….Got them all?  Good.

Next, I want you to think about what is undone?  What goals are unrealized? Dreams that are not stared?  Tasks that are not complete?

The undone has a silent way of weighing us done and making life hard without us even realizing it.  I say this all the time, but sometimes we need to bring things out into the light, see them for what they are to take away their power.

Some of the things that come up for you in this process might be small things, or they might be big things.  You might not have anything for one area and a lot for others.

Once you have journaled these out, take a few moments to pray about them.  Maybe go for a walk, clear your head and let God really speak to you. Some of the things that came up for you-you might come to peace with letting go of and other things you might be really convicted to take action on and finish the loop.

I’ll share two with you that have been weighing me down.  One is easy, and simple. When I started my job and decided to add it into what I was already doing ( for those of you that don’t know, My husband and I own two businesses together and I went back to the corporate world back in January) I wanted to travel more.  Invest in my marriage in more date nights and weekends away. It’s easy to say we are to busy or can’t afford it. Well, even with that as an intention, we are still not doing it. We went away last march….like 7 months ago and it was a research trip for one of our businesses.  I had no idea how exhausting it was to carry that thought around in the back of my mind “we need to plan a getaway” We need to go somewhere and do something…..It was always there. If I go back to all my 90-day planning sheets from the Life Balance system under marriage….it’s there.  Yet I wasn’t completing the loop. So it was weighing me down. Well, last week, we intentionally closed the loop and scheduled a two-day getaway. Done! Now I can move on. It felt like a ton of weight was lifted.

Now the second one is not as easy and simple.  It’s something that I have been talking about and procrastinating about and making more complex than it needed to be.  And if I am honest, I do this with so much stuff. I make it more complicated than it needs to be. The more complex the harder to execute.  I’m talking about my health. Seriously, do you know how many health experts I have had on this show? How many podcasts I have listened to, audio books, read books…...I know I need to lose about 20 lbs.  I use to be a weight loss counselor years ago before I switched careers. I have worked for health and wellness companies. Yet here I am. It’s going to take time to close the loop but I am committing to a path and not wavering from it.  It’s a proven path that works for me, one that I can do and I am going to do it. And keep it simple.

So what are you leaving unfinished in your life?  What do you need to do to close some loops and move on?  Please let me encourage you to do the exercise I outlined in this episode.  I will be praying for you and if there is something in particular that you would like me to be praying for, you can totally reach out.  We have a closed Facebook group for listeners of the show, and you can always post prayer requests in there or you can email me directly or send me a message on Instagram.  My email is Jenny@yourliferocks.com

Don’t forget to go to the app store and download the Your Life Rocks app and upgrade to Life Balance, try it for 7 days for free!  And if you already have the app, please consider leaving a review in the app store. It is super easy to do and without the reviews, the app stores keep it hidden from others.  And we want to spread the word that balance is possible to as many working mommas as we can.

Hope you have a great week!  And until next week, keep building a life that rocks.

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Episode 159: Creating a Flexible Career

159 - 1.png


It's time to think outside of the box when it comes to your career. You can have a fulfilling career that provides financially for your family, allows you to use your gifts, and is flexible for your family. Yes, it's true. Listen in as our guest, Kathryn Sollmann Author and career coach, shares tips to negotiate more flexibility in your current job or find a position that is the perfect fit for your life.

About Our Guest

Kathryn Sollmann is a career coach, speaker and author of the book, Ambition Redefined: Why the Corner Office Doesn’t Work for Every Woman & What to DoInstead (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, Oct 2018).

Kathryn Sollmann is a recognized leader in helping women navigate the many stages of work and life. Through her blog and coaching firm, 9 Lives for Women, she is one of few voices strongly encouraging women to always work — at every age and life stage — to achieve long-term financial security. Her emphasis on women’s financial independence has generated event-sponsorship funding from corporate wealth-management giants, including AXA Advisors, Fideli- ty, Raymond James, Cigna and Wells Fargo. With good humor, no-nonsense delivery and the ability to educate and motivate, Kathryn is a frequent speaker, and an inspirational voice for women in college to retirement years. A frequent media resource, her expertise has been called upon by The Today Show, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Money, CNBC & more.

Tips and action items Shared on the show

How to Find Flexible Work

1. Know what flexible work is today. Six different kinds if you want a paycheck from an employer and the 7th option is to start your own business.

2. Focus on smaller companies — huge household global companies are slower to change and less likely to offer flexible work

3. Network, network and network even more to find flexible opportunities that aren’t as broadly advertised and to get insider info on which companies truly have flexible work cultures.

Learn More about our guest

Kathryn Sollmann

Website: https://www.kathrynsollmann.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/9LivesForWomen

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kathrynsollmann

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathrynsollmann

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Episode 158: Clean Home Habits

158 - 1.png


We think about our cleaning routines, but what if you have habits that are keeping you from the house you love? In this episode, we are speaking with author Jenny Welsh about how to create a home you love and build habits that make it possible while breaking habits that are getting in your way.

About Our Guest

After 6 years as a working mom, Jenny Welsh took a leap of faith and became a stay at home mom after her third child was born. Now, she helps moms organize their homes and schedules, so they can do more of what they love. Get started today with her 30 Days of Decluttering Challenge available for free at www.homeafterthree.com.

Tips Shared on the show

I want women to know that creating a home that they love is completely possible. It isn’t a fantasy reserved for Pinterest. But, it’s something that can be achieved by anyone. It is not dictated by finances or schedule constraints. That’s because creating a home you love is more about feeling content than it is about how much or what kind of stuff fills your home.

Action items from the show

PRAY Start with prayer. Before you embark on a decluttering purge of your home, pray for contentment, clarity and intention. God wants us to live full and abundant lives and He will mold our hearts, so that we can fully appreciate his blessings when we ask him.

REMOVE CLUTTER AND EXCESS If the thought of decluttering is challenging for you, shift your mindset. Instead of focusing on what you are removing from your home, focus on what you are creating space for. It helps to think about the purpose of your possessions. What purpose do you want your home to serve? What about each room? Each item in each room? Once you have an intentionally defined purpose for your home, identifying which items to discard becomes clearer. When you have completely removed clutter your home will enhance the things you and your family enjoy doing rather than distract from them. This shift in mindset, will make creating cleaning habits easier and more natural.

CREATE CLEANING HABITS Appreciate and care for your items at home. This means cleaning throughout the day and not letting things “pile up.” Create a cleaning schedule for yourself based on how much time you have, your personal preferences (are your more productive in the mornings or evenings?) and ages of your children (how much can they help?). Even 15 minutes a day makes a noticeable difference. By modeling cleaning habits like putting away shoes when we take them off after a long day or cleaning our dishes and putting them away after a meal, we are teaching our children good cleaning habits as well. It won’t be long before the entire family is contributing to keeping a clean home.

Learn More about our guest

Jenny Welsh of Home After Three.

Website: https://www.homeafterthree.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homeafterthree

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/homeafterthree

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/homeafterthree1

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Episode 157: Real Life Home Declutter

your life rocks a slob comes clean


Since we are in a series all about home management, we kind of need to talk about de-cluttering, right? I mean, it is the first step in managing the cleanliness, and organization of your home. So we are going back into the archives and bringing this interview with Dana White from a Slob Comes Clean back. This was originally episode 13 and chances are, you have not heard it yet. It is full of grace, and practical tips that will help you take control of the clutter in your home. Enjoy!

About Our Guest

A Slob Comes Clean is the completely honest (and never-ending) story of Dana White’s personal “deslobification” process. As she find ways to keep her home under control, she shares the truth about cleaning and organizing strategies that actually work in real life for real people. People who don’t love cleaning and organizing.

Dana K. White. is a blogger, speaker, and (much to her own surprise) Decluttering Expert. She’s also the author of How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind.

Tips Shared on the show

3 Awesome Tips from the episode (there are a lot more tips in the episode... a must listen!)

  1. Start your decluttering in the spaces you see everyday... not spaces that are hidden away like a closet.

  2. Don't think about it as organizing... your just taking things away that you don't need or want.

  3. How to tackle the "piles of paper" in your home. Just go through looking for garbage. What is left will be much more manageable.

Learn More about our guest

Dana White of ‘A Slob Comes Clean’.

Website: https://www.aslobcomesclean.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ASlobComesClean

Book: How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind (available wherever books are sold).

Youtube: YouTube channel here. 

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your life rocks app with a slob comes clean

Episode 156: Running Your Home like a Boss

running your home like a boss


Okay, we have to address something right off the bat.  I know I sound different. I have a cold. Now, most Podcasters have their episodes so far out in advance that they don’t have to record when they have a cold… and usually, that is the case for me as well.  But ya know, sometimes we fall behind. I am coming off a super full season of life that required a lot of working hours at my day job and I am just catching up. I know you can relate to that, so please give me some grace with my voice this week and pray that it gets better fast.

Now, let me tell you why I am so excited.  This is not something that I tell everyone because it’s the kind of thing that will make people sum you up and judge you really fast.  So please, don’t judge… I love to clean. I love to sort through stuff, organize things, get into deep cleaning, and getting rid of things brings me a world of joy.  Its my stress relief.

If I could have another career (like I need one) I would be a professional organizer. I totally would.

Now, I almost didn’t tell you this because I didn’t want you to be like, “Um well it’s easy for you… you like it!”

Like it or not, it takes time to do and if you don’t have a solid strategy and if you are not intentional about creating the home you desire, it just won’t happen.

Steps to prep for a cleaner home:

Step one:  Get clear about your intention.  What kind of home do you want to have?  What is important to you? What does “clean” mean to you?  If you need help gaining this clarity, I recommend that taking the Weekly Success Planning Course.  In the first lesson, I’ll walk you through an exercise that will help. Remember, it needs to be what you and your family want, not what someone else wants or what people tell you it should be.

Step two:  Think of the current situation of your home compared to your intention.  Then, make a brain dump list of everything that would need to be done to get your home to where you want it to be.  

Step three:  Go through your list and decide how often the task needs to be done.  Annually, quarterly, monthly, biweekly, weekly, or daily.

Step four:  Go through and assign the tasks.  Who will do what in your family? What tasks will you hire out for?


  • Don’t make it such a big deal.  If you view it as chores or a big project to organize your home, it’s going to feel big and hard.  So, think about it as if it’s just another thing.

  • Do you and serve your family.  Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, focus on what works for you.

  • Get buy-in from your family.  Share your vision of what you want to create with them and why it’s important to you.  It will help to get their buy-in with the tasks that they will need to take on.

  • Find ways to make it fun!

Life balance at your fingertips? Yes, we got it right here on our official Your Life Rocks life balance app! Download free now.