Episode 120: 3 Habits and Routines for Intentional Living

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Systems and Structure: I need it, but I don’t always love it. We talk a lot on this show about systems and routines that build up life-giving habits because I believe it really is the root of a balanced life. While I sometimes wish I didn’t have to stick to the system quite as closely as I do, I always miss it when it’s not there. Since taking this new opportunity in my career, I find myself longing for my old routines and habits that made life flow just a bit more easily. Today, let’s take a moment to think critically about why we need to set up routines, and where they might be most effective! 

If setting up systems and creating routines feels a little daunting, never fear! God is the one in charge here. He will guide your way the entire time. He by no means expects perfection in us, simply a desire to try our best. God does not call us simply to slog through life, surviving one day to another. No, instead we are called to a higher standard of living and to abundance! When we work on cultivating healthy habits, we are rising up to God’s standards of living. 

How can we know what kind of life God has called us to? We know by studying His Word. Any goals I have set for myself are made in the light of God’s Word! When you understand what the Bible says, you can easily make goals to raise your standards to His standards. In this process, you find strength and peace. Having a bit of a rough start? Trust me, it will be worth it! You have to step forward in faith knowing that God will meet you when you do. Creating a structure in your life is ultimately working to make these life-giving goals into realities. 

Today’s scripture is typically viewed as a standard parenting verse, but it applies to us too.  After all, we are children of God!