Episode 128: Understand Your Communication Style with The Color Code

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Balance looks really different for all of us—what works for me might not work for you! In order to know what is going to serve you best, you are going to need to understand what makes you tick. This way, we can work proactively with our nature instead of against it. Today, you are going to spend a little time getting to know yourself with Kelly Knowles and The Color Code. Like Meyers-Briggs and the Enneagram, the Color Code is a personality assessment that we can use to understand how we best interact and communicate with one another. 

My guest, Kelly, is a Certified Color Code trainer. She loves educating anyone about how the Color Code can provide such unique personal insight. Everyone is one of four colors, White, Blue, Yellow, and Red. What makes the Color Code unique is that your responses on the test are based on your behavior as a child. The test taps into the motivations at the core of who we are, which will inevitably explain how we relate to one another. 

Kelly will show us today how the Color Code can impact so many different areas of our lives, including: 

With Kelly’s help, I discovered that I’m a white—a peace-seeker. There are so many practical applications for my color type that I am so excited to integrate into my weekly planning schedule. I know you will have a lot to learn too from Kelly, and I hope you’ll stick around for her amazing offer for Your Life Rocks listeners. For the first ten, Kelly will give you a free 20-minute call as well as a full Color Code evaluation for the special price of $25. That is an incredible value! 

The Color Code will give you a well-rounded perspective on what makes you tick. Ultimately, this can only lead to more balance in your full life! 

A Special Offer For You:

The 1st 10 listeners to contact me via my website (www.kellyknowles.net) can receive a comprehensive report (worth $40) for $25. In addition, I will provide a 20-minute FREE strategy session to review their results and its amazing application to their relationships.  Indicate the code "Rocks" in the message.



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