Episode 129: Progress vs. Perfection

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You’ve got a fantastic idea about what your Ideal Week would look like, and now you are ready to hit the ground running. Before you can dive right in, it’s important to stop and think about the mindset you need when it comes to true life balance. Let’s be real; life has a habit of not going according to plan, even the best plans! When you go into your ideal week focusing on perfection, you are going to be let down by reality. Life isn’t perfect! So what do we need to look forward to with our Ideal Week? It’s progress! 

I think there are two guiding truths that will help us focus on progress, rather than perfection. If you keep these in mind, you won’t face any disappointment when life doesn’t pan out the way you planned. 

  1. Nobody has it all together. 
  2. You can choose to improve. 

These truths will help you look at your Ideal Week through the lens of progress. It may look like everyone else has figured out how to keep it together in perfect balance, but that simply isn’t true. Sometimes, all we see are the moments that look put-together. We all have those days when life feels chaotic. I know that God uses those chaotic times in our lives to shine a light on His Truth. In those moments, we can choose to take an action to steer us back to balance and God’s will! 

Here’s the thing: you are made in the image of God. Your Identity is light, and power, and strength that can only be found in Christ. Satan wants you to think you are not capable or good enough to make progress. He wants to keep us from the balanced life that God always intended for us to have. Our Verse of the Week illustrates that perfectly: 

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” –John 10:10

God has blessed you with so much, and my prayer is that I can empower and equip you to enjoy those blessings to the fullest. As you pursue balance, you will be living out God’s calling on your life every single day. 

Here are some actions you can take right away to focus on progress and not perfection: 

  1. Make a conscious effort to raise the bar for yourself. 
  2. Do what is necessary to bring balance back into your life. 
  3. Prepare yourself for reality.