Episode 133: The Weekend Reset

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Organizing your home can offer up a world of relief from the middle of chaos. If devoting a weekend to cleaning and organizing your home sounds like an impossible chore, then this is the episode for you. You see, I think organization can be fun, and you’ll feel pretty wonderful afterward too! 

It is time for a Weekend Reset. With many of our minds on Spring Cleaning and clearing out the winter clutter, I am offering up a chance for us to start anew. Every now and then we all feel the itch to reorganize and de-clutter. After all, extra stuff tends to lead to extra stress. I have a process for how I like to do a Weekend Reset, but I never put it down on paper. Here is your opportunity to join me in this life-giving process. 

Verse of the Week 

Psalm 31:27

“She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.”

I usually hesitate to pull from Psalm 31, but I know that this scripture embodies the heart of the Weekend Reset. Here is a chance to hit pause on the rest of your busy life and focus on your home environment. Here’s how you do it! 

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What is a Reset? 

It is not a mass cleaning of your house. Instead, you get to decide what in your life needs to be reset. Whether you clear out junk in the garage or sort through closets, you are doing the projects on your list that always needed to be done! 

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How do you prepare?

Make sure you give yourself a few days to prepare so you can get the most out of the Reset. Go in with a plan in place and with the rest of the household on board. Yes, get your children involved! It’s a Reset for everyone, after all. Think of one or two ways to reward your family for the hard work. Sometimes, structure and organization are their own reward! 

Steps to a Successful Weekend Reset

After your home is reset, it is important to think about planning in some time for yourself. Listening to this podcast is a great step in the right direction! After a Weekend Reset, I think everyone will breathe a sigh of relief!