Episode 140: When Lack of Balance is a Heart Issue

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Do you struggle to find balance in your life? Or to maintain it when you do find it? I really like to keep things streamlined so I love it when you can leave the show with three steps, or maybe five tips to create more balance in your life. This is just where the systems that allow you to grow and experience more balance come into place. Listen in to find out more!

Our episodes about systems do tend to make things tangible, clean and actionable, but unfortunately, life just isn't that clean, nor is it a simple check-list with some easy-to-apply steps to attain balance. If only it was so simple! Many of us find that we have balance for a moment, but then it goes and we find ourselves right back in the mess that we started in. This happens to so many of us so often, even with the best of intentions, and the reason for this is because there is a heart issue playing out. These heart issues usually have to do with one of the first two Pillars of Balance, and sometimes, but not always with the third.  

On the show today I will share with you a very personal heart issue that God recently revealed to me because we all have heart issues and all of us struggle in this area. I really hope that there's something in my story that might encourage you and that you will gain from this, even if your own heart issue is very different to mine. Listen in today to hear what I have to share with you.

"We all need to be responsible and accountable for ourselves - especially if we want to grow."


Verse of the Week

Romans 12:2

“Don't conform any longer to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind.”

Tips shared on the show

I bring all the new listeners up to speed when I talk about the Three Pillars of Balance -