Episode 141: Balancing Career and Motherhood

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Have you found a career yet?  And is it fulfilling you, allowing you to use your gifts and perhaps to even further the Kingdom of God?  As a working mom, it can be really hard sometimes to find career guidance from a Christian perspective. We firmly believe that you can further the kingdom of God, regardless of where you are. And that God can use you, regardless of where he has planted you.

We have an expert guest, Janine Esbrand, with us today and we will be talking all about career. I am really excited about today's interview, as I was able to ask Janine some questions about the subject of careers that I have seen come up in our community. So, on the show today, we will be tackling topics that relate to how to handle a change in career with your family, how to present the change to your family, how to figure out where your strengths lie and move through everything smoothly. Listen in to find out more.

About our guest

Janine is the founder of Lightbox Coaching, a coaching and consulting company which helps ambitious women to rise in their careers, beyond motherhood. Janine has an LLB Law degree from City University in London. After obtaining her degree,  she worked at a Manhattan-based law firm in New York for a year. Upon returning to the UK, she trained and qualified as a corporate lawyer at a leading UK firm. After four years of practicing as a corporate lawyer, she moved into a sole legal counsel role at an International Fuel Company. Alongside her career, Janine trained as a life and career coach, to be able to help others on a more personal level. She loves spending time with her family, podcasting, and traveling! Janine really knows what it is like to grow her career, set goals, have ambition and get it all done! Listen in today to find out what she has to share about balancing your career ambition with having a family!