Sunday Prep 

Sunday Planning Just Got A Whole Lot Better!

Learn how to design a balanced life, and move closer to your goals by devoting a few hours on Sunday.  

Gain focus, clarity, peace and of course balance!



Do You Ever Find Yourself...

  • Wishing you had more hours in a day?
  • Feeling guilty over the things you didn't do?
  • Struggling to keep up with kids, work, and everything else?
  • Wanting more peace and happiness in your life?
  • Getting to the end of the week and thinking "Where did the week go?"
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You Are Not The Only One

I have been there myself.  I spent many years so focused on just one area of my life (for me it was my career) that I felt like I was drowning in the rest of my life.  This unbalance cost me relationships, time with kids when they were small, my health, and so much more.  I had goals for my life and I knew that God wanted more for me, but I just couldn't seem to accomplish any of them.  Over the last couple of years, I was able to get my life back into balance.  I created systems for myself to help me move closer to my goals.  Now I am able to live a full life, accomplish goals, and most importantly, have peace and happiness in my life.  I want to share these same systems with you!

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Included In This Course:

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Workbook and Checklists

All three modules are contained in one workbook that you can choose to print and use or fill out and save electronically. You will be guided along every step of the way to set balanced goals and then pave the way to achieve them. This workbook will allow you to get the most from the training and includes your actual checklist for Sunday prep success!

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Training Videos

Having the worksheets and checklists are not enough. This course provides you with training videos you need so you can make the biggest impact with what you are learning. From guiding you to visualize your goals to the practical tips to get a lot done in one day. Sometimes we need to see it or hear it. We have you covered!

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Community Support

Accountability is important when you are starting something new. Our FB community is full of amazing women just like you, preparing for success just like you. It's a place to ask questions, get inspiration and a lot of other great tips for living a balanced life that rocks! Every day of the week we have a different focus in helping your reach your goals.

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The weekly success module was so helpful in determining what areas that I need to spend more focus on in order to get to how I want to feel in life. I had set goals this year as emotions or feelings that I desire in my life but I didn’t get the specific actions steps clarified. I realized by completing this module, that I was only focusing on the stronger areas in my life and not the weaker ones. I found Jenny’s layout of this module was so helpful in leading me in a more specific direction with my life goals and balance! I am excited to keep using this weekly success as my go to for more balance in my life! Thanks Jenny!
— Tara B.
“I am known for setting goals in one area of my life, just to have other areas suffer. Since working Jenny’s program, I have focused on a few things I can do to improve in each area. While a work in progress, I feel more balanced and know I can continue to improve in all areas of my life. Truly less stress, more joy.”
— Debbie M.

What Are You Waiting For?  

This course will take just a couple of hours to complete.  Then you will be set on a journey for more balance in your life, with a clear direction and your success route planned out!

Grab your free Sunday Prep Checklist
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