7 Steps to Create Life Balance


Life Balance is a funny thing.  Some days you feel great, highly productive at work, mom of the year, and everything falls into place...hold onto that feeling when it comes because it is rare.  Truth is, most days have you scrambling to do it all.  Usually if you are excelling in one area you are feeling guilty or sometimes even shameful about others.  This is why people will say life balance is impossible.

It doesn't have to be that way.

I believe life balance is possible if you go into it with the right expectations of what it is.  Here is how i define life balance:  Consistent action to grow stronger in all 8 areas of your life. The 8 categories I am referring to are faith, family, marriage, health , career, finances, home and friends/fun.

Once upon a time my life was so out of balance, my world was caving in on me.  My sole focus was my career and everything else suffered.  I closed off relationships, didn't take care of my health and worse part, I was too tired to play and be present with my kids.  By the grace of God I was able to learn practical steps that brought me out of living that life.  I have been working on these processes for a couple of years and as a result, I have more clarity and peace in my life.

I want to help you have t he same, so I created 7 key points that helped me create more balance for my life.  If your like me, you want results and you want them now.  That's why I turned these 7 principles into a one week challenge-7 days to Take Back Balance.
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Let's look at these 7 principles and how they work to create balance for you.  In the free challenge every day is themed to one of these principles.  I give you worksheets, and action items so you can easily take the practical steps to get your life back, so you can design the life you want to love.

Personal Accountability

We loose so much power when we cast blame for how our life is.  Our life is a result of the choices we make.  There are always going to be outside influences and events in our lives that we have no control over.  We can however take personal accountability for how we respond to it.  Personal accountability also involves the excuses and justifications we make.  Coming clean and being brutally honest with ourselves about the truth of our situation is powerful.  Always remember:  you are ridiculously in charge of your life an it can be anything you want it to be.

Change of Focus

Because you are living your life, it can be hard to objectively look at your life.  Your too close to see your life.  You only see what's right in front of your face.  It's like your standing to close to a painting.  Now, it's human nature to be drawn to the things that are not right, are broken, or need to be improved.  God has given you grace, maybe you should give yourself some?  Step back and count your blessings!  Change your focus to what you are grateful for.  As you are taking a step back, it is also important that you look at how close your life is to God.  Sometimes that pulling feeling of unbalance we experience is God trying to pull us near him.

Setting Goals For Balanced Living

Setting goals is a popular subject now a days.  Did you know that most of  time when you set goals and work to achieve them you are actually taking your life further out of balance?  Think about it this way.  Draw out a tire and list all 8 categories of your life around it.  If you set a goal to grow in only one area, it is like you are putting air in just that area.  That's going to make for a bumpy ride and you will feel the imbalance.  The same is true for your life.  You really need to make sure that you are setting goals for all areas of your life and following a system that allows you to work on and grow towards all those goals while keeping your sanity.  It can be done, promise!

Setting Boundaries

Think I am talking about setting boundaries with the people that demand things from you?  Guess again.  What I am referring to is setting boundaries for yourself.  After all, that is the only person that you have complete control over.  When you want to have more balance in your life it is important that you get really clear on what that means for you.  This clarity will help you to say "no" when things come up that look really great, but really take you down a path that is away from your goals.  This clarity give you discernment to make decisions that serve you living the life that you want to build.  This is real power towards building a balanced, purpose driven life.

Self Coaching

Think about the role of the coach.  Someone to encourage you, help you stay on the path toward your goals and help you navigate tough situations.  It is key that you surround yourself with people that can give you a perspective that you otherwise would not see.  But you can have the best people in your corner, even pay to hire coaches to help you out and still struggle if you don't have the right conversations happening in your head.  Use kind words and learn techniques that will help you help yourself.  There are some really helpful tips for this and action items that you can apply in the 7 day challenge.

Time Management

Truth talk moment, you can be doing awesome in everything else but if you don't use your time wisely, you will struggle to get to where you want to go.  The biggest enemy to balanced living is poor time management.  You have more time in a day, week, month than you realize.  With that said, there are going to be days that are out of balance.  Use a bigger frame of reference, like week or month.  From using some of the amazing tech tools that are out there, to being more intentional, to old school just getting stuff done:  You Can Do It!  Looking for some of these examples?  Check out this blog post:  http://yourliferocks.com/godly-woman/leadership/family/productive/

Being Proactive

Be intentional.  Think about your goals.  Think about the week ahead and the obstacles that are coming your way and prepare for success.  When you are feeling out of balance, chances are you are living in a place of reaction.  This happens to the best of us!  Give yourself grace!  You can prepare a ton and still be taken by surprise by life.  The key is to be proactive about your goals and what obstacles might come up so that when you react, you are doing it in a way that still serves the balanced life you trying to build.  

So there you have it!  7 things key things to focus on to bring more balance, and peace into your life.  Want to put these 7 steps into action?  Really, that is where you will see a change.  Not in reading about these 7 things but in applying them to your life.  Sign up for the free 7 day Take Back Life Balance Challenge.  Every day for 7 days you will get action items, and encouragement delivered right to your email box.  We are also there to support you in our Facebook Group.  Join us!  Click here to join the challenge and click here to join the Facebook Community.

Now, because I am all about surprises and giving and doing more.....here is a bonus.  Number 8.  God.  It's simple.  If you want to have peace, sanity, and balance in your life.  Put your trust in Jesus.  The road won't always be smooth, but you will never be on the journey alone.  When you seek him first, your goals will align with what he desires for your life.  When you follow him he will bless you for the greater good of his plan.  He will make your paths straight.  This is the principle that overtakes all the rest.  If you are going to apply just one....take the bonus.

Looking forward to seeing you build a life that rocks!


Take Back Balance Challenge: Balanced Goal Setting


You set goals (that is what successful people do, right?)  You work really hard toward those goals but in the process create anxiety, and stress when you think about the other areas of your life. So often our lives are out of balance because our goals are not in alignment with each other, or we have only set goals in a few areas of our lives.  When we do that, other areas of our life will fall flat and that naturally puts us out of balance.

Think about it like a tire on your car (if you have studied Zig Ziglar then you might already be familiar with the wheel of life).  Put each of the 8 areas of life around the wheel.  When you set goals and go to work on those goals, you are putting "air" into that part of the tire.  If air only goes into part of your tire, you are going to have a hard time driving down the road!  Same thing happens with your life!

If this sounds familiar to you, I encourage you to take the Take Back Balance Challenge.  The Challenge last 7 days and each day there is a new focus with new action items that allow you the space to create more balance in your life.

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Let’s dive just a little bit deeper into goal setting.  There are three things that are important topics to mention.

  1. Being intentional with your goals.  Do your goals make sense with one another?  For example:  Is it a goal of yours to excel in your career?  To reach new heights, work your way to a promotion?  Do you also have a goal to be the super classroom mommy at your kid’s school?  You can’t do both of those things.  You have to get clear about what you really want and build goals that are intentional to get you there.
  2. The “Shiny Object Syndrome”.  Do you have this?  You set goals then after a few weeks (sometimes it just takes days, or even hours) and you are on to the next thing that catches your eye?  It is easy to do, especially if you go on Pintrest.  Keeping your eyes on your goals everyday is key to staying focused and seeing them come to fruition.  
  3. God’s Will.  God has a plan for your life.  You want it don’t you?  Sometimes you have to let go of the control.  Set your goals on the things that God has called you to.  Let him guide you during your prayer time.  God is both creative and orderly.  Be sure to give him the space to be creative and trust that the order in how he brings everything together does not have to make sense.  He knows what he is doing and he is pretty good at it.

Goal setting is very important.  It will move you in the right direction when done properly.  In the Take Back Balance Challenge, you have access to a free Goal Setting for Balanced Living workbook.  I encourage you to sign up for the challenge and get your copy along with all the other goodness that comes over the course of the 7 day challenge.

Click here to join the challenge!

Keep building a life that rocks!

Take Back Balance Challenge: Change Your Focus


What you focus on your find.  Have you ever noticed that when you are thinking about buying a particular car, you start to see them everywhere?  It's what you are focused on, so examples of that from the world around you are more noticed.  

Now, let's look inward.  What are you focusing on in your life?  It is human nature to focus on the things that are not going right.  To feel the pain from the areas of life that are out of balance rather than the peace that comes from the areas of life that are in balance.  We naturally see what needs to be fixed.  While your mind might naturally "go there", you can work proactively to combat this and shift your focus. Just like any new habit in your life, it will take practice.  But what would you rather?  Have a life that all the negative stuff sticks out to you, or one where the positive things stick out to you?  


This is why I have created the 7 Day Take Back Challenge!  

I have created 5 action items to help you change your focus and it is all inside day two of the free challenge.  

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Of course the 5 action items are all centered around changing your focus to a more positive outlook.  Now I want to take this part of the challenge and put a different spin on it. 

What if when we feel out of balance, it is because we are focusing on too much of what this world is all about and not enough on the eternal things?  What if it's God's way of pulling us closer to him?  I know that for myself, when I took the turn to being more present and obedient to God, that is when my life began to come back into balance.  So here is the bonus part of the challenge:  When was the last time you moved closer to God?  What can you do today to move a little closer?

Change your focus from things of the world to him that created the world.

Looking for more inspiration to lead each day with intention and positive energy?  Join our Facebook Group!  We would love to have you!

Until next time, keep building a life that rocks!

Take Back Balance Challenge: Accountability


What do you think of when someone says "Accountability"?

This word can mean so many different things to everyone.  Being accountable for your actions is a great truth....and it can be a scary one.  This is especially true as we look at the balance in your life.  We are just kicking off our Taking Back Balance Challenge.  Every week we will tackle something that will move you closer to a more balanced life.  Why not start off with a big one?  It's so big in fact that if you actually apply this principle to your life and nothing else for the rest of the challenge, I think it will make a significant impact to your life.  The secret is, that is how this whole challenge was designed.  Each week stands alone as a great challenge to bring you more balance in your life.  Put them all together and you are make great strides forward.  So what are we tackling this week?  Accountability.  More specifically, personal accountability.

Your level of personal accountability plays such a big role in how balanced your life is.  After all, the life you have is the life you created.

Life Balance

Action for this Week's Challenge: Accountability

  1. List out all 8 categories of your life on a sheet of paper.  Think about what is holding you back from being where you want to be in each area.  Now, if you are struggling to think about even knowing where you want to be for all 8 areas, or they feel out of alignment with each other-you need to go through the Life Balance Goal workbook.  Click here to get your copy, it's free.
  2. Write just 1-3 obstacles that are keeping you from where you want to be for each category.
  3. Reality check!  Highlight any obstacle that you feel is out of your control.  This could be because of the actions of others, or having enough time or money.
  4. I want you to pick the category that is the highest priority for you in the moment.  Pleases note that they are all high priority, but sometimes there is one category that is causing the most pain, or stress right now.  Let's work with that one.
  5. Look at the things that you highlighted for this area.  How can you take back your power?  What actions can YOU do to make a difference and move you forward?

Let's say that you want to work on your marriage.  You might be thinking, "Well, it's a two-way street and he isn't doing his part.  I want more communication in our marriage, but he won't communicate."  You can't change other people, but you can change yourself.  What things can you do to communicate more?  How can you create space for him to communicate with you?  Maybe it's asking more questions or not planning your day so full that there is no time to connect with him.  Find the action items that you can do.

Now that you have identified it, do it!  

Join our Facebook group, declare the action that you want to take personal accountability for.  When you ask others to hold you accountable, it becomes real and action is more likely to happen.  Change happens through action.  This is what it looks like to take back balance in your life!


Taking Back Balance Challenge


Is your life out of balance?  Do you feel that pull in your heart?  Do you experience those should have’s that create guilt, anger and sadness?  Do you wish you could do more?  Have more in your life?

I have news for you, it doesn't have to be that way!  You can take back balance in your life!

People will tell you that work life balance is not possible.  I don’t think that is true.  Maybe it all depends on how you define it.  I truly believe that you can have success in multiple areas and live a life of possibilities.  Where you can build a career you are passionate about, raise Godly children, have a passionate marriage, experience great health and have a whole lot of fun.  Do you believe this is possible?

Getting there will take intentional living for sure.  One step at a time you can take balance back in your life, and I am here to help you all along the way.  I have been out of whack in my life.  Career came first and everything else second.  It hurt every part of my life.  I was able to get my life back and now I help other women do the same.  

We are kicking off a series over the next 9 weeks to help you get your life back in balance.  Join us here at the blog every Thursday for new action items to guide you step by step through the process of building balance in your life.  Don't always have time to read?  We will be covering the same stuff over on the podcast.  You can find us in iTunes or whatever app you like to use for Android.  Just search your Life Rocks Podcast

Action is where change lives.  Are you up for the challenge?  

Here is how it will work:  I will be challenging you to take action each week.  These action items will move you closer to taking back balance in all areas of your life.  They won't be anything to time consuming, but will be little things that make a big difference.  If you are taking the challenge, I  encourage you to join our Facebook group for inspiration, and accountability as you walk this out.

Here is a link to the group.

Be sure to subscribe to this blog to get your weekly update and assignments.

Let’s start your action for this week right now.

Your challenge for this first week is to find the areas of your life that you have taken out of balance.  What areas of your life have you put too much focus and what areas of your life have you been neglecting?  List them out on a note on your phone or in your paper journal, somewhere where you will have it with you.  We will build on this next week.  Until then, here are your action items.

  1. List out the areas of your life that need balance.

  2. Join our Facebook group and let us know that you are participating in the Take Back Balance Challenge!


That’s it for this week!  Looking forward to hearing about your wins over the next 8 weeks as you take back your balance!


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