6 Weeks To Building A Life That Rocks



What if you could build a life that rocks?

So many of us chase this concept of “having it all”.  Really, if we were to define what it is, it is a feeling of being high functioning in all parts of who we are.  I believe that we can create a feeling of having it all and keep raising the bar in how we show up in each area of our life.  After all, it is that feeling of success or failure that affects if we have it all or we are struggling to keep it all together.   It takes proactive strategic work, willpower, and self forgiveness.  Some say that you can have it all, just not all at once.  I use to think this same thing, but then I thought “How can I have a career and not be a mom…..I have children and a job.”  

When we feel awesome about being a mom, does that mean we give up being awesome in another area of life?  Here is one thing that I have learned to be true, we do things (work, parent, take care of our health, have relationships, whatever else) in a habitual way.  These are our personal SOP (Standard Operation Practices).  Only when we focus on improving our habits do we see better results in any given area.  Example:  If you want to focus on getting healthy you might change the way you eat or exercise….chances are that while you are breaking and rebuilding health habits, you are still using everyday habits in how you show up in your marital relationship, work, and how you manage your money.  You are raising the bar in your personal SOP in your health while maintaining the existing SOP in all other areas of life.

What if you could raise your personal SOP in each area your life, making you feel completely awesome and like you have it all?

I have been using a method of goal setting that allows for this kind of focused growth to take place.  While I still have my moments, I have found more peace and success by following this system.  Now it’s your turn!  Put these steps into action for your life over the next 6 weeks.

Before we begin, let’s get clear on a few things.

First, here are the 5 areas of life that we are talking about.

  • Faith
  • Health
  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Finances

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the next 6 weeks:

  • You will want to schedule 30-60 minutes at the beginning of each week to get the most success from following this system.  I find it best to do mine on Sunday afternoon/night.
  • Select one great notebook to do all your work in.  It really helps to reflect back to the ideas that you have, goals you have set, and the progress that you have made. 
  • Get an accountability partner.  Following a system like this is not part of your SOP right now.  Support will keep you following the system until it becomes part of you.
  • Because we are all about lifting up others here at YourLifeRocks.com, we encourage you to share this with others.  Once you learn it, teach it.

This system should be followed over 6 weeks.  You will be selecting one of the 5 areas to focus in on each week starting on week 2.  But before we get there….

Week one is a critical week! It is your foundation to the rest of this program.  Here are the steps below to get you started:

  1. List out each of the 5 areas on a piece of paper with enough room to write below them.  Now think about how you are currently showing up in each of these areas.  Think back to the last week week and write out your current SOP for each area.
  2. Look ahead 6 weeks.  What would you like to see different in each area?  What would make you feel successful in each area?  What are your goals?  Remember this is just 6 weeks, a month in a half.  It’s not about becoming perfect in every area but just getting better and keeping that excellence consistent.
  3. Compare the two list and find at least one thing that you have going for you in each area that you can build on to get you to the next level.  It can be a skill that you have, a new habit that you started that you can build on, or opportune timing (like a big project at work that will allow you to shine)
  4. Make a vision board.  I know, it takes time, but trust me….this is a powerful exercise to help you get really solid about what you want.  Make it easy on yourself and google what you want and search the images that come up till you find one that speaks to you.  You can then print it out or if you want to make a digital vision board you can save the picture and use a picture collage tool to create.
  5. Make an action board.  It’s great to visualize where you want to go, but it is equally as powerful to visualize the actions needed to get you there.  Want to get in shape?  Post a picture of someone running.  What you focus on you find.  Focus on the right habits and you will find yourself doing them instead of finding an excuse.

Now that you have done the prep work, you are ready to start week 2.

As you begin week 2, you need to pick one of the 5 areas to grow in this week.  Look at the opportunities in the week ahead.  There might be better timing for one category or another.  You might have a personal need to grow in one particular area.  You will get a week for each area.  Now that you have the one area to increase your SOP for the upcoming week, you want to list out the other 4 and a brief one sentence line about your existing SOP for each area.  It is best if you do this exercise in a planner, notebook, or on a piece of paper that you will see daily over the next 7 days.  For the one area that you have selected, you will list out what actions you will take to be awesome in that area in the next week.  What do you need to do to move closer to your goal?  Make a brain dump list of everything that you could do and schedule what is realistic each day over the next week.

Moving through week 3-6 there are two steps each week.  

  1.  Reflect on the previous week.  In your focus area, what did you accomplish?  How are you celebrating that growth?  
  2. Simply repeat everything that you did in the previous week replacing your old SOP from your previous week's focus area with your new habits that you created from in the previous week.  This is important because it will only truly become a habit by continuing to do it each day.

Tips for Success:

  • It is important to review both your SOP and your focus goal with actions each morning.
  • Put both your vision board and action board in places that you see them often.

Share this system with a friend or co worker and do it together.  Accountability plays such a big role in successfully creating change for ourselves.