I.D.O.L.S. Who Are You Worshiping?


Don’t you love it when God reveals things to you?  The timing always seems to be perfectly aligned with when you need it.

Recently, I was looking over the 10 Commandments and the part about idols stood out to me.  I have never really put a lot of thought into that one and didn’t think that it would ever really apply to me.  The very next day while at church our Pastor broke down how false idols in our life can shadow our true identity of who we are in Christ.  It created such a shift in thinking for me that I wanted to share it with you.

What I really love about this lesson is that he made it into an acronym, I.D.O.L.S.

I-Idols. (well that was obvious!)  Things we go after that create the identity that we want to be perceived to be.  Sometimes it comes in a competitive way.  Going after the things that allow us to “keep up” with people around us for a perceived identity.  Truth is, we don’t achieve an identity, we receive an identity.  

D-Duties.  Find your identity in what you do.  Who you are should determine what you do, what you do should not determine who you are.

O-Others.  When you find your identity in people.  Whether it is your family, friends, political party, nationality, race, or any other group that you can possibly think of.  We all want to belong, and we are called to fellowship.  Don’t let it define who you are.

L-Longings.  Not everything we long for is what God built us for.  Be careful not to use Goda to get what you want by making God into the resource instead of the source.  Are you really praying for his guidance and waiting for it?

S-Sufferings.  Find your identity in what you came through.  These tough things that we have gone through explain us but they should not define us.  You have to ask, where is your authority?  Are you clinging to the cross, or with Jesus that was on the cross.

Before this lesson I always thought “How could a Christian have issues with idols?  How could they worship something other than God?”.  After spending some time on this message, it became clear.  It is easy to worship ourselves without even knowing it.  God gave us our identity.  It is to reflect God and his glory.  To shine so that others sees him in us.  Idolatry is replacing God.  When we identify with anything other than reflecting who he is, we have replaced God instead of reflecting God.

After all, the goal is not for the world to know us.  The goal is for the world to know him