Am I Talking To You? Why Women Like Us Need This


Have you ever felt on the outside?  Like you were doing it all wrong?  Being a working Christian mom, it comes with the territory and that is why I have created Your Life Rocks.  

Let me explain.  

You go to church and want to get plugged in.  You want to build relationships with other moms.  You know that fellowship and bible study will take you deeper in your faith.  When does the women's  group meet?  9:30am on Thursday.  That is when you have meetings at work.  

What about those mom/kid programs at gyms or community centers?  During the work week, during working hours.  Want to help out with your kids school?  Not so easy when you are a working mom.  

At work there is the push and drive to do more, work more hours, achieve more.  That doesn’t necessarily lead to a balanced and fulfilled life.  Truthfully, trying to get ahead in your career can often lead to things that go against your faith and your family.  Then there is the judgement from other women.  Innocent comments that stir up so much!  “Don’t you miss your kids when you travel for work?”.  These comments and so much more cut to the core.  Seriously, we all need to be supporting each other and lifting each other up.  

All of this can really make us feel that we are not adequate or successful.  Am I talking to you?  If so, we need each other!  Hang out with me!  (Of course we are both too busy to actually hang out.  Subscribe to this blog so we can at least stay connected that way!)

As a working Christian mom, my life was always out of balance.  I never found time to grow myself.  When I would look for resources to help me grow in my career, there is a lot out there, but I found a lot of them did not mesh with my faith or were not built of strengths of women in mind.  As I would look for things to grow my faith or in my role as a mom, I found that it was geared toward stay at home moms.  I decided to create a solution for myself.  Over the years I have developed many different systems and tools to help bring my life into balance.

It is my goal to share these with other women who are looking to build a life that rocks!  I hope to build a community with other women just like me so that we can celebrate the many strengths that we have and grow stronger together.  That is why I have created this website and everything that goes with it.  

It is my heart's desire that if you are like me, you find resources and community here that fit who you are and what you want for your life.  As we build and grow, it is my hope that you are able to find resources to grow your leadership and career.  That you are equipped with tools to create more balance in your life.  That you draw nearer to God and to other women that are like you.  That you are able to build a life that rocks in every single area of your life.

Life is too short and we were not designed to feel that we are not enough or that we don’t belong.  God made you special!  You are destined to do great things!  

What tools and resources would you like to see created?  Comment below and let me know!  


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