Be Thankful For How You Were Made: A Thanksgiving Challenge


With it being Thanksgiving, it is pretty common to be thinking about what you are thankful for.  Often we list family, friends, our needs that have been met (food, shelter, etc).  When was the last time that you thanked God for the way he MADE YOU?  

It is really easy to be hard on ourselves and list off the things that we don’t like about ourselves.  Really easy!  The bible says that we were made in his image.  There are several verses that refer to the way God made us and the talents that he has given us.  When was the last time that you thanked him for them?  Yes, it is easy to thank him for our health, or for being able bodied.  Have you ever thanked him for making you someone that takes control in chaos?  How about for giving you a unique laugh?

Thanksgiving can be a busy day that launches us into an even busier Christmas season.  So I have a challenge for you.  Slow down long enough to appreciate the small things that make you who you are!  Take a few minutes and write down 10 things about you that you are thankful for.  Think about if you were showing your appreciation about someone else?  You would want to be specific, right?  Be specific with your list as well.  It’s not about being prideful.  It is simply about being grateful for being you…...just the way you were made.  Once your list is made, find some quiet space to open your heart to God and lift your words up to him.  

Imagine if one of your kids made a list of qualities that they received from you and they were grateful for?  So go ahead!  Thank him for your ability to cook, or your self awareness to know that you can’t cook.  Thank him for making you sensitive and crying over little things.  Thank him for making you strong to handle the hard things.  After All, you were skillfully and wonderfully made.


This Thanksgiving I am grateful for all of you!  Thank you for taking the time to read these posts, and for following what I am doing with YourLifeRocks.  Your support and prayers are felt every day!


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