5 Steps To Develop Your Purpose


Have you ever been so excited by something yet so very scared?  In some moments your whole body seems to buzz with energy from the thought of doing "something".  You can feel the anticipation in your stomach.  The ideas flood your mind making it hard to think about anything else.  You feel like you are on a divine path from God, finally finding the purpose that he has laid out for your life.  


In that moment, when you feel like finally everything is coming together, you get attacked.  Most likely, you won’t even realize that it is an attack.  In the moment it looks more like this:  As you are playing out these ideas that flood your mind your excitement is interrupted.  You suddenly remember when you were excited about something else years ago.  Your mind goes right to how you wanted success so bad, but you failed.  You remember how much it hurt to fail.  The embarrassment, the guilt, the shame.  You question yourself:  Will I fail again?  Then later in the day as you are researching this "thing", this beautiful joyous "thing" that you feel so certain God has given YOU to pursue, you start to search around on the internet.....and you find people.  People that have found success doing just what you want to do.  They are beautiful.  They appear to have fully succeeded at this "thing" you want.  Your mind immediately notices all the ways you are not like them.  More accurately, your mind starts to list all the ways they are better than you.  What in the world makes you think that YOU can get to where they are?  

We get attacked in other ways, too.  We set intentions to take action…..then you notice what time it is.  You don’t have time to act on those intentions today…..I guess  there is tomorrow.  Even with every obstacle that has come your way, somehow you still have a shred of belief that you could possibly do this "thing".  After all, it is YOUR PURPOSE FROM GOD!  You may even take all this as a sign that maybe you should not do this "thing" that you were so excited about.  Maybe you should just forget that idea and go back to living life in your status quo.  The comfort zone is calling your name…...it's like a siren and while we all have our own song, the comfort zone knows it well.

What if everything getting in your way is the enemy?  What if living the purpose God made YOU for ruins then enemy's plan for your life?  If you thought that they were obstacles being thrown at you to distract you from path, would you react to them differently?  

I believe that God is a God that does not play games with our hearts.  If he laid a seed of desire in you it is up to you to sow it.  Water it, cut away the weeds that threaten it.  Believe that he has equipped you just for your purpose.  Pray for him to strengthen you and lead you on the path.

Take a moment to reflect…...what seed of desire has God laid on your heart?  Follow the steps below.

If you know right now, clearly what God has given you, write it down and follow these 5 steps to develop your purpose.

  1. Write down what excites you about your purpose.
  2. What talents have you been given that prepare you to fulfill your purpose?
  3. Brainstorm ways that you can combat the enemy when he comes to cut you down.
  4. Set up a reminder in your life, (maybe on your phone, next to your bed, on your computer) of your purpose.  Maybe it is picture, a quote, or a scripture.  Keep it in front of you.  Sometimes the enemy uses a slow fade approach to make you forget.
  5. Put time on your calendar each day to pray for strength and guidance as you walk the path toward your purpose.  Listen to God and he will guide your footsteps.

If you struggle to think of what God has given you, follow these 5 steps.

  1. Journal things that bring you joy.
  2. Think back over the last little bit…..is there something that when you were thinking about it, or working on it you seemed to get more energy?
  3. Ask those close to you what they think your purpose is….trust me, they know when you are happiest.
  4. Ask yourself the magic question:  If I could be anywhere, doing anything with anyone what would it be?
  5. Pray.  Pray over what comes up for you as you journal, think and ask.  Be in conversation with him and he will be in conversation with you.
  6. Yes, I know I said 5 steps.  This is a bonus.  One thing that I have discovered to be true is that God has his own timing and it is perfect.  It is not our timing and that can be frustrating at times.  One thing that I know to be true for me, God gives us things as we are ready.  You might not even feel that you are on a path, but one day you will look back and see how he made it all work together.