Be More Productive; 3 Hacks To Help You Get Stuff Done


Time isn’t always on our side.  Our to-do list gets longer by the minute, priorities get more urgent, and our time seems to get shorter.  This has never been truer since starting my own business on top of working my full-time job, being a mom and wife, and keeping up with everything else going on in my life.  In the process of trying to keep myself sane and staying on top of everything, I have learned a few things from many different people who have helped me to stay productive and get more done than seems possible. Want to be more productive at work?  Have a cleaner, neater house?  I am going to share with you 3 productivity hacks that have made the biggest difference for me.

  1. Pomodoro method.  This is something that I first learned from a podcast I was listening to.  It’s so simple but very effective for me.  Simply put, you work against a timer for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break.  That is called a pomodoro.  After you do a few of those (maybe 4 or so)  You take a longer break….like about 20 minutes.  I downloaded a free app that is called Pomodoro.  You can customize your cycles if you need.  Setting that timer and knowing that you only have 25 minutes really makes you focus.  Now, I take this double duty.  I will work on something for the 25 minutes and switch gears to something else for the 5 minutes.  For example, right now as I am writing this I am on a 25 minute sprint.  I have my timer right in front of me.  Could I toggle over to facebook?  Sure, but I can see the timer going…..  When the 25 minutes is up, I will have a 5 minute break.  During that time, I’m gonna go through my kids school work for 5 minutes (organize, throw out, and take action).  Once my 5 minutes is complete,  then it is back to work on business stuff.  Try it out and see how it works for you.
  2. 20 things.  Now this one might make me seem crazy, but I have been doing it all my life and I have passed it down to my kids.  This one is super handy when it comes to cleaning your house, organizing stuff, or just clearing clutter.  Whenever I find myself with a few minutes, I do 20 things.  I might do 20 things to tidy up my bedroom between taking a shower and getting dressed.   This includes making the bed (I count each blanket and each pillow as one thing), picking up dirty clothes, putting jewelry back where it goes, or wiping off a counter.  I will also do this in the kitchen while I am waiting for the coffee to brew, or the oven to heat up.  I have taught my kids to do it between homework and their chores.  Just pick up 20 things.  20 things is easy and little.  Overtime the little things become the big things.  Try combining this with the Pomodoro.  During your 5 minute break, take a walk around your house and tidy up 20 things.  Or if you are at work, file 20 things in that big pile at the corner of your desk.  
  3. Delegate.  Work or at home, this is a huge thing.  It can be hard to let go of some things, but I have found that creating space for others to step into greatness can be very rewarding.  Now, that sounds extreme, allowing others to step into greatness.  Trust me, when you delegate something to someone on your team at work, you are giving them an opportunity to grow.  Without those little things that help them gain experience, they won’t develop into the amazing leader that they have the potential to be.  When you don’t delegate at home, you are aren't giving your spouse the space to be your partner or teach your children to become the powerful people that they are growing up  to be.  So look over your to-do list.  What opportunities do you have to gift someone with?  Want to dive deeper in how to delegate to develop your team in the workplace?  Check out this article by clicking here.

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