Take Back Balance Challenge: Accountability


What do you think of when someone says "Accountability"?

This word can mean so many different things to everyone.  Being accountable for your actions is a great truth....and it can be a scary one.  This is especially true as we look at the balance in your life.  We are just kicking off our Taking Back Balance Challenge.  Every week we will tackle something that will move you closer to a more balanced life.  Why not start off with a big one?  It's so big in fact that if you actually apply this principle to your life and nothing else for the rest of the challenge, I think it will make a significant impact to your life.  The secret is, that is how this whole challenge was designed.  Each week stands alone as a great challenge to bring you more balance in your life.  Put them all together and you are make great strides forward.  So what are we tackling this week?  Accountability.  More specifically, personal accountability.

Your level of personal accountability plays such a big role in how balanced your life is.  After all, the life you have is the life you created.

Life Balance

Action for this Week's Challenge: Accountability

  1. List out all 8 categories of your life on a sheet of paper.  Think about what is holding you back from being where you want to be in each area.  Now, if you are struggling to think about even knowing where you want to be for all 8 areas, or they feel out of alignment with each other-you need to go through the Life Balance Goal workbook.  Click here to get your copy, it's free.
  2. Write just 1-3 obstacles that are keeping you from where you want to be for each category.
  3. Reality check!  Highlight any obstacle that you feel is out of your control.  This could be because of the actions of others, or having enough time or money.
  4. I want you to pick the category that is the highest priority for you in the moment.  Pleases note that they are all high priority, but sometimes there is one category that is causing the most pain, or stress right now.  Let's work with that one.
  5. Look at the things that you highlighted for this area.  How can you take back your power?  What actions can YOU do to make a difference and move you forward?

Let's say that you want to work on your marriage.  You might be thinking, "Well, it's a two-way street and he isn't doing his part.  I want more communication in our marriage, but he won't communicate."  You can't change other people, but you can change yourself.  What things can you do to communicate more?  How can you create space for him to communicate with you?  Maybe it's asking more questions or not planning your day so full that there is no time to connect with him.  Find the action items that you can do.

Now that you have identified it, do it!  

Join our Facebook group, declare the action that you want to take personal accountability for.  When you ask others to hold you accountable, it becomes real and action is more likely to happen.  Change happens through action.  This is what it looks like to take back balance in your life!