Take Back Balance Challenge: Balanced Goal Setting


You set goals (that is what successful people do, right?)  You work really hard toward those goals but in the process create anxiety, and stress when you think about the other areas of your life. So often our lives are out of balance because our goals are not in alignment with each other, or we have only set goals in a few areas of our lives.  When we do that, other areas of our life will fall flat and that naturally puts us out of balance.

Think about it like a tire on your car (if you have studied Zig Ziglar then you might already be familiar with the wheel of life).  Put each of the 8 areas of life around the wheel.  When you set goals and go to work on those goals, you are putting "air" into that part of the tire.  If air only goes into part of your tire, you are going to have a hard time driving down the road!  Same thing happens with your life!

If this sounds familiar to you, I encourage you to take the Take Back Balance Challenge.  The Challenge last 7 days and each day there is a new focus with new action items that allow you the space to create more balance in your life.

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Let’s dive just a little bit deeper into goal setting.  There are three things that are important topics to mention.

  1. Being intentional with your goals.  Do your goals make sense with one another?  For example:  Is it a goal of yours to excel in your career?  To reach new heights, work your way to a promotion?  Do you also have a goal to be the super classroom mommy at your kid’s school?  You can’t do both of those things.  You have to get clear about what you really want and build goals that are intentional to get you there.
  2. The “Shiny Object Syndrome”.  Do you have this?  You set goals then after a few weeks (sometimes it just takes days, or even hours) and you are on to the next thing that catches your eye?  It is easy to do, especially if you go on Pintrest.  Keeping your eyes on your goals everyday is key to staying focused and seeing them come to fruition.  
  3. God’s Will.  God has a plan for your life.  You want it don’t you?  Sometimes you have to let go of the control.  Set your goals on the things that God has called you to.  Let him guide you during your prayer time.  God is both creative and orderly.  Be sure to give him the space to be creative and trust that the order in how he brings everything together does not have to make sense.  He knows what he is doing and he is pretty good at it.

Goal setting is very important.  It will move you in the right direction when done properly.  In the Take Back Balance Challenge, you have access to a free Goal Setting for Balanced Living workbook.  I encourage you to sign up for the challenge and get your copy along with all the other goodness that comes over the course of the 7 day challenge.

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Keep building a life that rocks!