Take Back Balance Challenge: Change Your Focus


What you focus on your find.  Have you ever noticed that when you are thinking about buying a particular car, you start to see them everywhere?  It's what you are focused on, so examples of that from the world around you are more noticed.  

Now, let's look inward.  What are you focusing on in your life?  It is human nature to focus on the things that are not going right.  To feel the pain from the areas of life that are out of balance rather than the peace that comes from the areas of life that are in balance.  We naturally see what needs to be fixed.  While your mind might naturally "go there", you can work proactively to combat this and shift your focus. Just like any new habit in your life, it will take practice.  But what would you rather?  Have a life that all the negative stuff sticks out to you, or one where the positive things stick out to you?  


This is why I have created the 7 Day Take Back Challenge!  

I have created 5 action items to help you change your focus and it is all inside day two of the free challenge.  

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Of course the 5 action items are all centered around changing your focus to a more positive outlook.  Now I want to take this part of the challenge and put a different spin on it. 

What if when we feel out of balance, it is because we are focusing on too much of what this world is all about and not enough on the eternal things?  What if it's God's way of pulling us closer to him?  I know that for myself, when I took the turn to being more present and obedient to God, that is when my life began to come back into balance.  So here is the bonus part of the challenge:  When was the last time you moved closer to God?  What can you do today to move a little closer?

Change your focus from things of the world to him that created the world.

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Until next time, keep building a life that rocks!