3 Ways to Take Care of Yourself


Hey, how are you?  No really.  How are you?  In your crazy busy beautiful life it is easy to get over stressed, over tired, over faking it for everyone else.  I think you need to take care of you.  I know you know it, but you fight it.  Making this distinction might help you.  When I say take care of you, please don’t get this confused with focusing on you.  I truly believe that the secret to balanced living is to have your focus on your world, not yourself.  That is when things get unbalanced.  But taking care of you is different.  Let’s look at the differences.


Focusing on you means you can become obsessive over one area of your life.  This could be work, working out, or saving money.  All great, but when that becomes your sole focus at the cost of other things in your life…..you got problems.


Taking care of you means that you are in tune to what you need spiritually, physically, and emotionally and act accordingly.


It is possible to focus on you without taking care of you.


While it is easy to fall into the trap of focusing on ourselves, it is hard to take care of ourselves.  When we fail to do so, we get burnt out.  We get sick.  Our emotions can get the best of us.  So how do you do it?  Most importantly, how do you do it without guilt?  Just like anything else darling, one step at a time.


Let’s break this down.  Ask yourself these questions.


First, let’s take a look at taking care of yourself spiritually.  How close do I feel to God?  It is easy to put this off.  To pray, maybe listen to Christian music and think  that you are taking care of yourself.  God does not call us to works but to have a relationship with him.  Taking care of yourself in your spiritual walk should trump everything else in your life because it is the root of all things in your life.  Ask yourself these questions: What is keeping me from him?  When did I last read the Bible?  Take an inventory over this part of your life and take care of you.


Next, let’s look at your physical self.  How do you feel?  Are you tired?  It’s easy to keep pushing yourself but at some point, you will break.  That’s right, you are not actually super woman.  Sorry.  You do need to eat right, sleep enough, stay hydrated and get physical every once in a while.  We are always searching for the “secret” in this area of our life but you just gotta do it.  Sure there are special cases when this can be out of your control….meaning you have a sleeping disorder or something.  Everything else is a choice.  Stop over complicating it and just take care of you.


Lastly, let’s look at your emotional self.  How are you doing?  Need to talk about it?  Express yourself!  Maybe you need to have a good cry, take no shame in that!  Maybe you need to scream or laugh.  Let yourself feel how you feel.  Don’t attach anything to it.  No fear of judgement.  Just do you.  Find ways to build yourself up.  Guard your mindset.  Take care of you.


Keep your focus on all parts of your world, but just like they say on the airplane.  You have to put your air mask on first.  If you are broken you can’t fully be who God made you to be.  Take the steps to get healing and renewed…..spiritually, physically, emotionally.  Take care of you!


So here is your action item.  Print out your free Goal Setting for Balanced Living workbook.  There are 5 steps that are covered in the workbook.  Spend some time on step one.  Thinking about how you want to feel in life.  The true you will come out as you do this exercise.  Once you get a clear picture of how you want to feel, take the action to take care of you.


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