The One Thing That Will Balance To Your Day


Often times we focus on productivity.  We try to figure out how we can get more things done in a day.  How we can make the most of our time.  While on the surface there is nothing wrong with this, I believe that it is a huge reason why our lives are so out of balance.  There is no white space in our lives.


Having white space in your day allows God an opportunity to have a relationship with you.  When you leave space in your day to pray, to be quiet, to listen...that is where it is no longer a religion of things you do, but a relationship with your God.  In this time you can find comfort, peace, inspiration.  You just have to slow down to receive it.  There are so many other things that you can find!

Not scheduling every second of your day allows for detours in your day.  This last week I have been very mindful of leaving white space in my day.  Just yesterday there were three opportunities that I would have missed had I not allowed time for what the day had for me.  Before I share them with you, let me just say something in full disclaimer.  Applying the theory of leaving white space in my day is new to me.  I usually jam is much into my day as possible.  I felt inspired to change my schedule up a bit to allow for more flexibility and I want to share my experience with you.  Ok, so these three examples are from yesterday alone.  There have been examples just like this everyday that I have put this into practice.


  1. I made quiet time in the morning.  This is something that I use to do habitually.  But as things get busy, it’s easy to just get up earlier and get more things done.  Yesterday, in our exclusive Your Life Rocks community we challenged each other to find quiet time with God throughout the day.  (You can join this group-Free!  Click here)  I took some time in the morning.  It was just a couple of minutes while the shower was warming up.  Usually I would fill this time with picking up the house or some other “doing”.  I did nothing but ask God what he would have for me that day.  Inspiration began to pour in.  I had to go and find a notebook to write stuff down.  Thank you God!  Plus it fueled my tired spirit.  It put passion back into my heart.
  2. I took a lunch during my work day.  Now, some people take lunch breaks everyday.  Good for you.  I usually eat lunch at my desk while working.  Not healthy.  But yesterday I decided to leave the office.  While I did schedule the time into my day, I left the specifics open.  White space.  Not until I was in my car in the parking lot did I decide where I was going.  I decided to go to Target.  I got some shopping done that I had in the back of my mind that I wanted to do, but more than that, I fueled my sense of freedom.
  3. Usually after my work day, another work day is just beginning.  Between taking care of the kids, dinner, and working on my passion (Your Life Rocks) there is not a lot of time for anything else.  Yesterday when I got home, my husband was in full project mode with something that he was building in the house.  He had a bunch of stuff to talk to me about and I had things to talk to him about.  Usually, there would be no time to connect with him.  I decided to clear the evening and make white space for whatever came up.  We decided to take the whole family to Home Depot to get the things he needed to complete the project, and get dinner while we were out.  I got to connect with my husband and play with my kids in the store.  I didn’t get some things done, but you know what?  It filled me with love.


Look, I totally get it.  It is hard to fit everything into a day let alone leave white space.  If you don’t get to everything you will just have more to do tomorrow, right?  Or will you?  Just speaking for myself, I found in doing this that sometimes I just fill my day with stuff.  Not important stuff.  Yes, I get things done, but I miss out on the things that really matter.  Yesterday there were tons of things that I didn’t get to.  Only two things were pushed onto today.  The rest I let go of.  To give up the things that I let go of to gain passion, freedom and love is a pretty good trade off for me.

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