The Secret Cost of an Unbalanced Life


Today I feel raw.  This will probably be the most transparent post that I ever write.  Please read it till the end.

There is a reason that life balance is so important to me.  I have spent many years out of balance and I have seen the toll that it has taken on my life and the people who I love.  I spent years with blinders on.  Consumed by work and my career.  I only looked up long enough to take care of the immediate needs of my immediate family.  It was not the life that God called me to live, but I was living it.  Escaping the rest of the world.   It cost me more than I have the stomach to think about.

I don’t remember much from my youngest son from the age of 2-4.  Lost years.  I traveled every week for work and on the weekend I was so tired.  My visits with grandparents and other family became less and less and then non-existent.  Same with friends.  If I didn’t work with you, I didn’t have time for you.  Forget about being involved in the church or anything else.  I wanted relationships with people, but I didn’t know how to have balance and still feel successful.  

I told lies to myself.  I convinced myself that my work was good and that I was giving to people who needed me.  Truth is, it wasn’t a lie.  They did need me but so did those that I loved…..and I needed them.

Over the course of the last couple of years, I was able to find balance.  God intervened in my situation.  He was always there.  Through him I found personal development that strengthened me.  I learned techniques to pull myself out of work and build a bigger world to live in.  I gained skills  to still find success at work and not feel guilty at home.  It is still a work in progress but we all will be till the day we go to heaven.  I now help other women find that balance.  

Balance is not just a word.  It’s a feeling.  You feel on top of the world, loved, energized, confident, empowered and in control of the life you have been given by God!  When you have balance you are more patient with your kids.  That gives them a safe place to learn to be themselves and feel loved.  It’s the best gift you can give your kids.  When you have balance you are loving and engaged with your husband.  That gives you strength in the strongest relationship you should have on this earth.  When you have balance you are able to be proactive at work and lead others in a way that enriches their lives.  It gives you time to connect with God.  This one thing, having time to connect with God, can change everything!

So why I am telling you all this?  Why do I want this for you?

This week I got a message that one of the most precious women in my life died.  My grandmother.  She practically raised me.  She was my safety net when I was growing up.  She was one person that I drew away from when my life was out of balance.  I know it hurt her and that hurt me.  Today is a reminder of what I lost during those years of being out of balance and why I am so passionate about life balance not just for me but for all others.  When you have life balance, it doesn’t just affect you.  It affects everyone around you.  It is a domino effect that you will never know it’s reach.

After I got the message I broke down.  I had to go for a walk to get some air, clarity, God, space….anything.  I got a mission.  Over the last few years, I found balance.  I am on a mission to help as many other women as I can do the same.  Can I help 500 women start on their path of balance by the end of the year?  I am sure going to try.

So what about you?  Can you use some more balance in your life?  Let’s work together to impact all the people around you.

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