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We hear this all the time, but do you really take the time to prepare?  As a working mom that tries to find balance and success in life, I have learned that preparation is critical.  

Being prepared is intentional living at it’s best.  Want to meet your goals?  What to feel successful at the end of the week?  You have to start preparing for success.  Success doesn't just happen.  You have to create the white space in your life for it to happen.  When you properly prepare, you are taking care of the little details that can derail you.  The little things that can clutter that space where your success should be.  They are like little roadblocks.  Just like real roadblocks, you can get around them but it's frustrating and takes longer.  So, what areas of your life do you want success?

With your health?

With your finances?

With your career?

With your kids?

With your marriage?

With your other relationships?

With just being you?

You can have success in all of these areas and more!  You just have to be intentional about it.  For years I have been dedicating time on Sunday to prepare for the week ahead.  When I take that time investment at the beginning of the week, things just go smoother.  There are less obstacles and less excuses in the way of me reaching my goals and sticking to my intentions.

I am human.  There have been weeks that I didn’t take the time on Sunday to get ready for the week ahead.  You know what?  It sucks!  The little details of life can set you up for success or unravel your nerve.  Let me share an example.  Some days look like this for me:

Do my morning routine then take the kids to school.  Once I get through the madness that is elementary drop off, I pray for green lights so that I can get to work on time to make the 8:30 meeting.  But wait, the gas light is on.  How long has that been on?  Now my prayers turn toward getting me to the gas station.  Thank God I got there.  While I’m pumping gas, I text my boss that I will be late.  Once I finally get to work I find out that there is a big project meeting that I was suppose to be presenting at…..totally forgot.  Because of this meeting, I have to juggle things around in my day sacrificing the things that I wanted to do to recognize my team and the proactive report that I wanted to provide to my boss before my next review.  Hey, gotta make yourself look good.  No time for lunch and nothing to eat.  Super.  Go home after work, cell phone died so I didn’t get the message that there was no food in the house for dinner so now we are loading the kids up and going out for food.  By the time we get home, it’s just about bedtime for the kiddos and the youngest reminds me that he has a project due the next day.  Are you kidding me!  This is where my sanity is now gone.  Successful day?  Just the opposite.  Trust me, this is no exaggeration.  This is how my life is when I don’t take the time to prepare!  Can you relate?

I was fed up with living this way so I got really structured with my Sunday routine.  You know what?  That scenario is now a thing of the past!  I am sharing my Sunday prep checklist with you to make life a bit easier for you.  On this checklist there are categories for your home, health, family, and other practical things that really prepare you for the week.  Remember, this list is about removing roadblocks that keep you from success.  There are things on there like put out workout clothes for the week.  Trust me, I will make an excuse that I can’t work out in the morning because I don’t want to wake my husband up while I am looking for my sports bra.  Another thing, you will see “Set my SOP for the week”.  I highly encourage you to go back and read the blog post “6 Weeks To A Life That Rocks”.  It explains what this means.  

I can’t wait to hear how this checklist works for you!  Enter your email address below and I will send it straight to you.  Please be sure to check your promotions/spam email folder.  You can easily drag the email to your main folder so that you can continue to find my emails easier.

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